LSD or lysergic acid di-methylamide is a highly dangerous drug. A fungus ergot is used to manufacture this powerful supplement. The drug was produced by a famous scientist Albert Hoffman in the year 1938. He was trying to introduce a unique treatment for headache at that time.

All you must know about this drug

When you consume the drug, it will interfere with your brain’s ability to store thoughts, experiences and useful data and hence distort your perception of reality. It affects the cortex of your brain. You will feel differences in the purity, composition and the strength. Its effect will last for about 12 hours in your body.

After effects of this drug

You will experience different emotions like happiness, sorrow, grief etc. and an immediate swing from one emotion to another. Your thoughts will jump from memory to memory. Users might notice imaginary objects, light colors, visual hallucinations and much more. Besides this, they experience shimmering effects, melting or bleeding walls. Many users start panicking and feel that they are losing control of their brain.

Here are some symptoms of LSD abuse

  • You will feel tingling in between your fingers and toes
  • Dilated pupil is another common problem
  • Users experience blurred vision and other eyesight issues
  • Mood swings
  • You will feel weakness in your body
  • The heart rate increases
  • You could face dizziness and nausea

How this drug does effects your body in long run

It causes long-term impact on the users’ body. It causes miscarriages among women and various birth defects. Many users go in severe depression. If you consume this drug for long term, you could experience fatal liver damage. Psychological dependence and anxiety are other serious issues to consider.

There are many rehab facilities in Ontario and medical centers, which provide complete treatment for LSD. You could search for the topmost rehab center in your city. The experts perform psychotherapy on the patients to remove confusion and fear from their mind. Once the therapy is completed, many patients feel guilty about their situation. These treatments aim to make the patients stress free and calm.

As this drug is not addictive, patients will experience fewer or no symptoms of LSD withdrawal. However, many users experience flashbacks. They experience a short ‘trip’ long time after you have stopped consuming it. This flashback could last for few days, weeks or even months. Several factors like sleepiness, stress and drugs could trigger the situation.

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