Who wouldn’t want a body that’s well toned, with as little fat as possible? Unfortunately, having a fit body needs a lot of effort – working out, running, jogging, biking, whatever form of activity you prefer. But sometimes not even these help you reach – or get close to – your desired weight or form. Is there something amiss? Of course there is. To lose weight it’s not enough to be more active – you need to change your diet, too.

Today’s processed foods are not what you would call healthy. Most foods contain ingredients that might not exactly been hidden, but they don’t stand out. This sometimes means that you end up consuming more calories than you think. Like when you eat fruit flavored yogurt – it has added sugar for sweetness. Granola, the healthy breakfast with lots of fiber also has a great deal of sugar in it. Soda and other bottled drinks are either filled with sugar, or with artificial sweeteners that are usually just as bad. And the list could go on forever.

The key to losing weight is not some miracle diet, and also not working out as crazy, in excess – it is finding the balance between your calorie intake and calorie consumption. Maintaining your current weight requires you to keep these two balanced – while losing weight will need you to create a calorie deficit – to eat less calories than you consume during a day.

One of the easiest way to create a calorie deficit to lose weight is to replace calorie-filled components of your diet with others that have less of it. The best way to do this is to eliminate as much sugar and starch from your daily menu as you can. Sugar is the best source of energy, but it will most likely transform into fat if you don’t consume it on the spot, and starch is broken down by your body into glucose (another type of sugar).

So, instead of downing a bag of chips while browsing the best resource for online slots, choose some fresh fruit or vegetables. Instead of a cupcake, some biscuits or cookies go with a serving of natural yogurt with some berried mixed into them. In a more extreme case – like mine, for example – you can give up consuming bread, pasta and sweets completely for a period of time. I myself haven’t eaten any bread, pastries, cookies, candy bars or chocolate since January. I make an exception with pasta and potatoes (sometimes) – I eat these rarely, once a week at most. And for me it works – paired with about one hour of workout a day and riding a bike to work I have managed to lose on average 8-9 pounds a month.