The advancement of medical science is going through a sea change in the recent years. Every form of disease can be cured with the aid of medical treatment. Nowadays even cancer can be treated in the most effective way.

Liposuction is a new inventory process which helps in removal of fat from the human body by using the method of suction. In this process the fat gets suctioned out through various tubes while the doctor moves the tubes which are hidden under the skin in order to target the various fats deposited.

The process of Liposuction can be applied in different parts of the body in treating various issues. Here, there will be an explanation of the liposuction process at various parts of the body

Liposuction of the Abdomen

The process of liposuction is very effective in shaping the abdominal area in men and women. The lower abdomen in particular tends to be resistant to diet and exercise, making even the most perfect health conscious individual insecure about their appearance. This happens during a cesarean birth. The lower abdomen in such situation gets disfigured and proper diet and excise cannot make it proper or bring it in shape. The abdominal fat which every human body contains is mostly located beneath the skin and the process of liposuction can easily remove it. Abdominal liposuction may be performed in conjunction.

Liposuction of the Flanks

In a human body flanks are located just above the belt line or in the sides and back. The method of liposuction can easily remove the fat that gets accumulated in the flanks. Liposuction in females addresses the flanks that are located just under the bra line on the sides and back of the breast.

The flanks when undergoes liposuction should be done with local anesthetic, so that the patient can roll over and allow the surgeon to access the back portion of the body. While the operation is executed there should not be any movement because it can interfere with the placement of the breathing tube. The result might be dangerous. Bodily action should be stopped during the process of Liposuction.

Liposuction of the Hips

This process of liposuction is generally done in creating a more contoured figure. This form of liposuction is generally done over female bodies. The female patients who all undergo this particular operation may need some additional procedure to obtain the desired shape. This form of liposuction is done by general anesthesia.

Liposuction of the thighs

Liposuction of the entire thigh is not recommended operation as because it leads to increase in swelling. The procedure should be focused on a single are of the hips which will allow the lymphatic tissue to drain excess fluid quickly and evenly throughout the thigh. This particular execution gives a more desired result. This form of Liposuction is performed through thigh lift surgery.

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