Discover all facts about human chorionic gonadotropin before you buy HCG injections or drops online. Read about the different uses and side effects of HCG.

The human body contains a combination of hormones. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is one of the hormones that are body produces. It is an essential hormone in the puberty stages of men and women. This hormone helps in the development of the ovarian egg during ovulation. Human chorionic gonadotropin triggers the release of the developed egg during the fertility cycle. This hormone also helps women to fight infertility issues. HCG medications are also prescribed to men with a low sperm count.

Women who have anovulatory cycles are prescribed HCG injections that one can buy from an online pharmacy. This injection helps to fertilize the egg and then release it during the fertile period that makes conception possible. Before taking an HCG injection on your own please consult your gynecologist to prescribe you the right dosage. If you are taking the injection at home, make sure you are learning the correct technique to do so. Ask your doctor about questions like where, when and how to take the doses. You can buy HCG injections at a discounted price from best online pharmacy.

  • How to use HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin must be used in the right amount as prescribed by your doctor. Using it in excessive amounts is not advisable. An overdose may cause hazardous side effects on one’s health. If you are using an injection form of the hormone, then make sure using a disposable needle each time you take the shot. If you aren’t experienced enough to take on your own, then it is best to visit your doctor’s clinic for assistance. There are many brands that manufacture the HCG injections or drops that a patient can buy online. Get the best HCG drops and injections delivered to your doorstep after purchasing online.

Some brands formulate the medication in a way, where a powder needs to be mixed with the liquid before applying. Make sure you follow the brochure provided with the package or your doctor’s instructions while mixing the solution. Once mixed it is advised to place in the refrigerator. If a change of color is noticed in the HCG liquid, then discard the medication without using.

While prescribing you this injection your gynecologist might restrict some food or beverage items that may interfere with the drug. Make sure to comprehend the instructions as mentioned by the doctor to avoid any fatal side effects.

  • What are the side effects of using HCG?

Not everyone is advisable to use HCG medication. Many people who are allergic to human chorionic gonadotropin must avoid its use. Apart from that people suffering from asthma, premature puberty, prostate cancer or thyroid must refrain from using HCG. One must share with the doctor their medical history and condition accurately so, they can prescribe the medication correctly. Like other medications HCG too can have certain side effects. If you experience, any of the side effects mentioned below immediately consults your doctor.

– Extreme dizziness

– Leg and arm cramps

– Breathless feeling

– Hives

– Blood clotting

– Inflammation of throat, tongue or face

– Migraines

– Pelvic Pain

– Vomiting and diarrhea

– Difficulty urinating

Women with infertility issues take HCG injections to help them conceive, which are readily available to buy online. These women have a higher percentage of having twins or triplets. Multiple pregnancies can be fatal for both the child and the mother. Make sure to follow-up with your doctor with all your concerns before taking the medication. It is advised that the use of HCG must be stopped after conception, to prevent any birth defects in the fetus. Also, breastfeeding mothers must avoid the use of HCG.

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