Do you feel tired of waxing your body every time you got a new dress? Are you one of those people who always feel tortured when the summer comes because you have to shave or wax your legs everyday? Do you want a more comfortable and safer method to get rid of unwanted hair on your body that will not cause cuts and burns? If you answer YES to all those questions then you definitely should consider laser hair removal.

Hair removal laser offers so many benefits compared to other hair removal methods, especially the conventional ones like shaving and waxing. For that reason, laser hair removal for women is getting so popular nowadays, despite that the laser hair removal cost is obviously more expensive compared with regular methods.

But despite the higher cost, laser hair removal is still considered as a cost-effective hair removal method. This might sound confusing, but the key is in how long does laser hair removal last. This method is a permanent hair removal, so even though it’s way more expensive than buying a razor or go to a waxing salon, it’s still cost effective because you only have to do it once or a few times until you have permanent hair loss.

Some people feel a little hesitant about using this method because they often question does laser hair removal work or not. This is simply because they’re not used to the idea of laser could replace a razor or wax to remove unwanted hair. But the truth is, laser actually could work very effectively in removing hair, especially on difficult places like the underarm. Many people cut themselves when they shave their underarms because the shape is unique and there’s lots of curves. Furthermore, you still have to deal with the ingrown hair after you shave, which usually can cause itchy skin and red bumps, especially on places like the underarm.

With laser hair removal method, you don’t have to worry about all that. Laser is a very powerful thing and very precise as well. So it will be able to do its job even on the hardest places where applying waxing cream might be impossible and very hard to shave without causing injuries. You also don’t need to worry about ingrown hair, because laser can penetrate deep beneath your skin and damage your hair follicles, so either your unwanted will be gone permanently or the new hair will be very thin so it won’t cause any itch or red bumps.

Some people might feel a little discomfort after the procedure, but it’s usually minor and rarely happens and even if it happens, it’s only temporary.

Please note that laser hair removal is considered a medical procedure, so in order to avoid any potential risk, you should talk to your doctor about the procedure, this is even more important if you have a prior skin condition. There are also some important things that you should remember after you have the procedure, including to keep your skin hydrated, staying away from sunbathing or tanning bed for a month, etc.