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What is IV Therapy’s Connection to Drug Addiction

The reliance on drugs to treat certain medical conditions has led to an increase in addiction levels. Most people consider drug addiction to be an issue for those that have exposed themselves to a certain type of lifestyle. However, the sad fact is that the majority of people never have an ambition to become addicted to drugs. The truth is that many of them become addicts through either their social environment, or, increasingly via prescription medicines.

Why Prescribe Addictive Drugs?

The human body is fantastic at evolving and surviving in a wide variety of different conditions. However, the same is true for many other species on the planet. Bacteria are exceptionally good at adapting. This includes adjusting to become immune to modern medicines.

The consequence is that scientists have to develop increasingly powerful drugs to combat these bacteria. The same principle is true for pain relief. When you have suffered an injury and have chronic pain then standard relief is generally not powerful enough. You can quickly become reliant on more powerful drugs. Unfortunately the more powerful the drug the easier it is to become addicted to it.

Treatment for Addiction

The standard approach to drug addicts requires entering a drug rehab clinic and undergoing counseling alongside slowly withdrawing from the drug. The exact details will vary from case to case.

However, there is another approach which is being considered and has been successfully used on a number of occasions. This is IV therapy using amino acids.

IV therapy is simply the induction of liquids directly into the veins. This is known as Intravenous; hence the title IV. This type of therapy can be used in a huge range of situations to improve the health of a patient.

In the case of a drug addict, amino acids are put into the body via IV therapy. The idea behind this is that the amino acids will react with the body to block the cravings sent through your neuro pathways. In effect, one treatment session; which can last several hours, should be enough to clear an addicts mind and allow them to make conscious decisions on the same wavelength as if they had undergone a thirty day detox program.

Why is IV Therapy so Successful?

The reason that IV therapy appears to be having more success than traditional drug addiction methods is because of the quantity of amino acids which can be added to your system in a short space of time. This, and the fact that the amino acids are entering directly into the blood stream allows a much more powerful and positive response than the traditional treatment methods.

Of course, there is still scope for counseling and more traditional methods to work alongside IV therapy. It cannot guarantee that you will not become addicted again, as with any addiction you must take each day as it comes and remain strong to ensure you avoid drugs in the future.

IV therapy may not have been used extensively in the treatment of drug addiction yet. However, the results are extremely promising.