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Improving Intermediate Muscular Gains

One of the biggest reasons why people quit halfway through their pursuit of a healthier and fitter body is that their progress has stalled. It’s easy to be demotivated by the sudden drop in muscular gains, especially since beginners are greeted with fast and visible gains in just a few days after starting out.

The reason for this is that the body is forced to compensate to the unfamiliar workload, wherein muscles that weren’t used much before are called into action. After some time, the body is accustomed to the workout routine and it plateaus at some point. To get the most out of this period, it’s highly recommended to read up on these tips and incorporate them into one’s training.

  • Mix it up

There’s a good reason why bodybuilders and athletes have rest periods between their training cycles. This is to make sure that the body gets sufficient rest to be able to cope with new training load and regimen. Changing some aspects of the training forces the body to adapt once again, thus build more muscle mass.

  • Increase resistance

Resistance training isn’t resistance training without the right load. As the body adapts to the training load, increasing it is the next logical thing to do. This is the advantage with using gym equipment like barbells and dumbbells since plates can be added easily. For calisthenics type of resistance training, it’s a little bit complicated. Naturally, it doesn’t make any sense to increase training load by increasing one’s bodyweight. In this case, putting the body in a less efficient position using leverage is the key. Though bodyweight resistance training seems simple because of independence of gym equipment, progression to harder workouts requires a lot of researching.

  • Take supplementations

The general public would automatically frown at the thought of using supplements. But when anyone subjects themselves to the rigors of physical training, they will, at one point, need to supplement their diet, especially if resistance training coincides with the phase of losing weight. Purchasing a HMB supplement and using with the right dosage not only improves muscle growth but also muscle retention. It’s extremely helpful during weeks where a gym isn’t accessible or even during reset weeks. It goes without saying that buying high quality HMB is imperative. Check out reliable distributors or reputable online merchants to ensure that only the best ones on the market is purchased and used.