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Improving Concentration with Meditation art

Meditation art

A meditation art is a great technique for practicing the art of meditation. Learn how to meditate with a simple meditation art.

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A simple art can stir up a range of emotions. A great way to find relaxation and stress relief is by an art meditation. This can be on anything that brings about a positive feeling. It can be about nature, food, healing, supplement or whatever makes an individual feel good.

Numerous forms of meditation exist. Although a common form of meditation is to sit quietly while clearing the mind and focusing on the breath, some people find it hard to concentrate. A great way to bring focus to a meditation is to use a meditation art.

Meditation art

What is a Meditation Art?

A meditation art is anything that can bring concentration and relaxation to a meditation. Does a meadow of blooming spring flowers conjure up feelings of tranquility? How about some comfort food like fresh, warm chocolate fudge? A meditation art can be in the form of an object or person.

Maybe a religious symbol can help to bring focus or imagining the face of a loved one. It really doesn’t matter what the art is, as long as it can bring clarity to the meditation.

Concentration Problems in Meditation

Some people who would like to meditate don’t because they can’t seem to concentrate and focus on the meditation. They are too overwhelmed from a busy day.

Many people have to balance a full time job along with taking care of a home and family. Although mornings are a great time to meditate, for some, time just isn’t an option and by the time all of the work is done for the day, they just can’t seem to clear their minds.

Improving Concentration by Meditating

To improve concentration, try to meditate on an art. Instead of the mind being distracted by everything that has happened during the day, turn all attention to focusing on an art in the mind. This way, instead of not being able to focus on nothing, the mind can turn all of its efforts to focusing on an art and experiencing the art to its fullest.

Guided Art Meditation

Here’s how to try a simple guided art meditation. First, think of an art that is pleasing to you. Could it be sitting on top of a mountain, looking out at a peaceful valley while breathing in fresh mountain air? Perhaps the art of taking freshly baked chocolate chips out of a warm oven brings pleasure to the senses.

Does the thought of spending time in a lovely cathedral bring a sense of peace? How about the face of a child? As stated earlier, it doesn’t really matter what art is chosen, as long as you can completely focus on it.

Meditation Exercise

To begin this meditation exercise, get into a comfortable position. This can either be sitting with good posture or lying down. Bring that art to mind and try to experience it with as many of the five senses as possible. Keep the breathing slow and deep. Try to find as many details as possible of the art. If possible, try to envision the sound of the art as well as the smell. If there is a texture involved, imagine how it feels.

Focus on this art for as long as needed to get rid of the stress of the day and bring on relaxation. Besides helping with concentration and focus, meditation is also good for improving memory. When ready, come out of the meditation and spend a couple of minutes relaxing before returning to normal activities.

Need more guidance for meditating on an art? Further information can be found in the article How to Perform Art Meditation.

Though there are lots of alternates like food, vitamins, minerals, medication or supplements for concentration and mood booster but art meditation is the great way to bring focus to a meditation by improving a person’s concentration. This simple meditation is easy to learn and can bring relaxation at the end of a busy day.