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Important things you should know before going for hair removal treatment

Why to waste your time on shaving, when you can have affordable way for permanent hair removal. Nowadays, Hair Removal through laser can cost you much less than your razors.


  1. Nothing is perfect; for almost everyone, laser cannot remove 100% of hair. The best result is upto 90% hair removal along with hair reduction on treated areas.
  1. Laser Hair Removal is not for everyone. People with skin type Red, White, or pure Blonde hair will not have good results for any laser hair removal. Make sure of your skin type before going for treatment.
  1. Touch ups are always required in most people. Dermatologists recommend 2 touch ups per year.

The Pain

  1. Most of us are scared by the name of laser treatment and that’s sounds scary too but with the latest technology, it can be pain free to some skin types. However it depends on the laser technology and equipment your service provider is using.
  1. After this laser treatment, pain is expected to have especially on some sensitive areas (lip, bikini, underarms).
  1. If you can handle waxing then you can easily handle permanent hair Removal treatment with a nice smile.

Before Treatment

  1. The area should be shaved a day before your treatment.
  2. There should be NO tanning at least 4 weeks prior to treatment.
  3. Shaving is the fine, avoid waxing and plucking in the areas you would be treated atleast 4 weeks prior to treatment..
  4. NO Accutane 6 months prior to treatment.
  5. Avoid make-up or any kind of lotion, perfume and also jewelry before going for your treatment.
  6. If you have a history by infected any kind of virus, you must take medication one day before to treatment to prevent further outbreaks.
  7. Please keep informed your service provider of all current changes to your medications 4 weeks prior to your scheduled treatment. For your safety, they need to be aware of any kind of medications you are presently taking. As these medications may cause your skin to be more sensitive to laser light as well as sunlight.

Get the hair removed permanently and enjoy being HAIR-Free!