The search for eyedrops to effectively treat the dry and irritated eyes can feel like a frustrating exercise in futility when the patient also has to take into account sensitive eyes. If anyone wears contacts, or has sensitive eyes, they are familiar with how uncomfortable their eyes can get on a daily basis. Whether it’s because of the contacts, allergies, pollen, dust, or dry eyes, everyone is looking for a way to relieve the irritation as soon as possible.

There are a wide variety of products on the market that claim to ease these irritations. However, not all of these products are a good match for someone with sensitive eyes, or are packaged in a way that lends themselves to ease of use. Many of the products offer no relief at all. In other instances, the bottle doesn’t allow for ease of application, and half the bottle is spent on the first use because it comes pouring out like a water faucet. Due to substandard packaging, the number of applications for use as stated on these products rarely matches the actual number of applications the customer can actually use. This is not only frustrating, but expensive. Finding relief for sensitive eyes doesn’t have to be so frustrating.


Hycosan is an effective new eyedrop solution that will provide users with sensitive eyes a cool and comforting relief within a matter of seconds. Its special formula is perfect for those users with sensitive eyes, and is packaged with a one drop per click system to insure absolute the user gets exactly what they paid for.

Hycosan is free of all preservatives, which is a must for anyone dealing with eye irritation due to sensitive eyes. Many eyedrops that claim to be for use with sensitive eyes contain ingredients that can actually make the problem worse over time. This is not the case with Hycosan. The soothing and moisturizing eyedrop solution that can quickly and effectively relieve a wide variety of eye irritations such as redness, dryness, and burning.

With this particular type of eyedrops; you will never have to worry about using another messy, inaccurate squeeze bottle that causes waste. Hycosan uses a unique click system. This easy to use system requires users to tilt their heads back and position the bottle where you want the eyedrops to go. Once you are ready, simply click the bottle and only one drop will come out. If you desire more than one drop, continue clicking until your desired amount is reached.

Each bottle of Hycosaneyedrops contains a total of 300 drops per container. Users can fully utilize each and every one of these drops with the one drop per click system, ensuring you never waste those much needed eyedrops.

These will also last a lot longer than most other eyedrops. Hycosan eyedrops have a 12 week lifespan after it has been opened. This furthers the savings to the customer. In addition, these eyedrops have a much lower price for more product than any other eyedrop that can currently be found on the market.

If the goal is to find a product that will immediately treat irritation while being gentle on sensitive eyes, and reducing waste and saving money in the process, Hycosan eye-drops are the perfect solution.