To live the healthiest life possible you need to be healthy when you’re home and when you’re away from home. That means eating well, exercising, and even practicing alternative and preventative care. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid going to the doctor, or getting any other kind of help outside the home that you need for what ails you.

Just like you can do some self-help for alcohol addiction from home, you still sometimes need outside help. Some people can quit addictions on their own, and some people need professional help. Some people can diet and exercise to lose weight on their own, and some need to hire a personal trainer.

Keep the Air Clean

Having a healthy home starts with the air you breathe. You want to make sure you are dusting, getting rid of any mold that may be in your home, and even cleaning up after any pets you have. Urine and feces in the air, and in your carpet, can cause breathing problems and even asthma.

Aside from vacuuming and dusting your home on a regular basis, you can also invest in an air purifier. These clean allergens from the air making breathing easier. Upgrade to a vacuum that has an allergen removing HEPA filter too.

Watch What You Eat

Eating right is another way to be healthy. Getting a good combination of nutrients and vitamins in your diet can help heal you from the inside out. In fact, there are reasons why doctors give people special diets to go along with their illnesses, from cancer to diabetes.

If you live on a diet of fried foods and fast food your arteries are probably clogged, and you may have some added weight around your middle that can increase your risk of heart disease.

Create a Home Gym

Fitness is important, and you don’t need to go to a gym to get in a good workout. You can do it all at home with some weights and other equipment. You could even just do a dance workout on a daily basis in any room of your house and get a great cardio workout.

Exercise is a great mood lifter. And you can save a good deal of money when you work out from home, between saving on gas money and membership fees.

Try An Alternative

Alternative therapies can get you through a lot of things, from using peppermint to fight headaches to using tea tree oil to fight acne. It can even be fun to spend some time online looking up info on different alternative therapies that you can do out of your own home.

Yoga is both an alternative therapy and a form of fitness. Meditation is excellent for your mental health. And you can even try things like hot stone therapy and herbal therapy from the comfort of your own home.