Whether you are recovering from an injury or extended stay in the hospital, recovering from the loss of a loved one or a breakup, or you are recovering from addiction, there are some natural and healthful things that you can do that will help you recover faster and feel better about yourself.

Some of these things will help boost your energy, some will help boost your mood, and some may help you get on your feet faster. It depends on what type of thing you’re recovering from on how much time and what kind of intensity you put into them. Yoga can be okay for people recovering from addiction and even those recovering from an injury if they take it easy, but going for a job or even a walk with a cast on isn’t going to happen.

Try Yoga

Yoga can be intense, but it is also a workout you can do at your own pace. You don’t have to do any moves that stretch you beyond what you are able to do at any given time. It’s relaxing, it’s meditative, and it can help increase your flexibility and blood flow. It is literally good for your mind, body, and spirit.

Eat Better

A healthier diet can do wonders for your body, and your mind. Not only does focusing on better eating help distract you from your addictions and life’s issues, it also helps heal your body from the inside out. Eating better means watching your portions, picking healthy and fresh foods, and skipping out on foods that are fatty and not as good for your body.

Start Meditating

Anyone and everyone can meditate. It takes no physical exertion in order to meditate. You just need to sit in silence, close your eyes, and breathe while relaxing and clearing your mind. You can also find some great guided meditations online that can help you with anything that ails you, from stress to addiction.

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins can be gotten through food, but there are times when an addition supplement could be useful. If you find you’re suffering a lot of stress B12 and St. John’s Wort are both great for helping with relaxation. Maybe you want to take some extra vitamin C to boost your immune system while you recover from addiction or illness.

Exercise Daily

If you can manage to do more than some yoga poses, it can be useful to exercise on a daily basis. Base your routine on how you are feeling, and what you can do depending on what you’re recovering from, but find time to do something each day. Maybe you can only take a walk, rather than a run. Maybe you are stuck in a wheelchair, but you can still do some arm exercises.