Health and wellness incorporate a tremendous number of elements and variables, but for anyone with any kind of interest in the outdoors at all, camping is one of those activities that can really focus on feeling good about yourself all around.

So if you’ve decided that heading out to the trails is something that you want to do, either as a break from work, or perhaps as a family concept to get everyone brightened up, consider the following five suggestions as you make your overall plan – create a survival pack for your journey, match campsites with personality type, look for places near hiking trails, don’t overdo sun (or exposure in general), and challenge your comfort zone.

Make Your Survival Pack

For safety purposes, whenever you go camping you should have some sort of survival pack. This can either be pre-made, or you can use it as part of the enjoyment of your whole process as a way to think about the things that you really need on a camping trip. Kids often have fun with the idea of tiny survival tools and easily packable gadgets, so include the whole family in the idea of make your bug-out bags.

Match the Campsite Type With Your Personality

There are a few basic categories of campsites to go with the intent of your trip. Obviously, if the point is to engage is rustic-type healthy endeavors that are more about fresh air and a relationship with the natural elements, choosing a rustic campsite is the way to go. However, if you’re approaching more for a modernized, relaxing trip, using a camper or RV and heading toward a site with hookups might be more your thing.

Look For Hiking Trails

To get those muscles moving and your heart rate up with some good exercise, be sure to pick a campsite with hiking trails that everyone can appreciate. Some of these trails might be peaceful and clear, whereas others may be more in line with the idea of a challenge and some lactic acid buildup.

Don’t Overdo the Sun

Depending on the place and time of year, it’s easy to get caught out in the sun without the right protection if you don’t plan ahead, and that can turn into a bad scene quickly. So to avoid issues, always bring sunscreen and big hats as needed.

Challenge Your Comfort Zone

And for your mental health, even relaxing trips out camping can include elements that challenge your comfort zone. Do something unusual, and whether you succeed or fail in the endeavor, it will expand your idea of what you’re capable of, and sometimes that’s all you need to get a much better feeling about yourself in general.