When you are in a happy relationship it can do a lot of good for your health. Even studies have shown that happily married men live longer than men that are single. That could just be that women make their lives better, or it could be something to do with the fact that having a happy partnership just makes life better.

So how can you cultivate your own happy relationship? How does a good relationship work toward your own good health? Here are some tips.

Communication Is Everything

A healthy relationship starts with a couple things. The most important things are communication and honesty. A relationship with open communication will last longer, and you’ll both feel content in your love for one another.

Talk to each other, share things with one another. It can be great to share hopes and dreams with someone else, and who better than your romantic partner? It lets you get things off your chest and it lets you bond with one another.

Bonding in a relationship can be heart healthy and it can even help relieve stress. Stress is literally a killer, and being closed up in a stressful relationship can have a terrible effect on your health and your romance. It can cause arguments, high blood pressure, headaches, and more.

A Healthy Partnership Is a Lasting One

Not only do you want a healthy relationship in the fact that you communicate and are honest with one another, but by having a relationship in which you work towards being healthier individuals together can make your relationship bond stronger, and help you both live longer.

Take time to work out together, to cook together, to eat healthy together, and to be healthy together. When you both care about your health, and the health of one another, you’ll have a deeper bond. Plus, your healthy life choices will help you both live longer.

Smiling Makes All the Difference

People in happy relationships smile more, and smiling can be really healthy for you. It can lift your mood, and the mood of the people around you. It can help your heart health, and it can even help reduce your stress levels.

If you are finding it hard to smile, find ways to make each other grin. Prepare a romantic dinner or schedule a regular date night. Do little things for one another than are sure to bring smiles. Even when you are doing something special for them it can still bring a genuine smile to your own face knowing how happy you’ve made them.

So, if you want to be healthier, find someone that makes you happy. You’d be amazed at how different life is when you’re in a healthy, committed, and happy relationship. It might feel like you’re looking through rose colored glasses, but it’s definitely doing your body good.