Hair loss is most common problem seen in people because of their distressing life schedule and lack of nutrients in their food. Hair plays an essential role in presenting image of a person in good way. Attractive hair styles have ability to present personality of a person in influencing way before all. Due to highly stressful day to day schedule people have reduced attention towards their hair care and lacking oiling schedule for their hair. All these things have resulted in tremendous hair fall from their head and also imposed poor impact on their personality. Hair loss is not about just to lose hair but also to lose self confidence and personality as well. Many times it can lead to few psychological traumas and other problems.

Common solutions for these problems suggested can be to enhance level of hair growth hormones or to have hair transplant surgery. Both of these solutions are most common man made techniques that provided solutions for hair fall but at same time bearing lots of side effects. Also in few cases such effects are not seen as results. Their side effects can be nausea, pain and vomiting etc. Hair transplant surgery is second option becoming very popular among people is quite unaffordable and expensive for normal range people.

Hair Loss Protocol Program

Hair loss protocol program is one of the hair transplant solution brought up by hair experts that brought great revolution in treatment of hair health problems. This program has been brought up by Jared Gates who researched for several years. This program purely works on method which scientifically proved and also changed life of several people in World who were victim of scared hairs. This process is completely natural and is quite better than other conventional treatments offered by other people.

Main cause of hair loss is hormone named Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It results in loosening of hair roots and let them to easily fall. Other effect of this hormone is to prevent growth of other new hairs in body that results after blockage of hair follicles. This program can prevent hair loss after removing DHT hormones. One of best features of this program can be that it works on quiet natural basis and does not involve any artificial process leading some side effects. It involves special combination of few essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fruits, and others. It provides special meal plan to follow for a person which has great ability to reverse whole hair fall process.