When you acquire e-cigarette for your personal use, the next thing to choose is e-juice. There are a lot more varieties of e-juice as compared to e-Cigs. Flavors of e-liquid are all about your mood, how you swing and enjoy vaporing. Flavors of e-juices range from the mildest sweet candy to strongest tobacco and chocolate flavors. The point is, all e-juice contains basic four elements, that are

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Vegetable glycerin (VG)


Added flavoring

Now that the components are visible, what matters next? Yes, the quality. The purpose of acquiring an e-cigarette and selecting an e-juice cannot be fulfilled if you just ignore the quality. The quality of e-juice carries the complete joy of vaporing. Top quality e-juice gives utmost pleasure of vaporing and hype of flavor too. You can easily purchase any local e-juice for yourself at cheaper rates, but that will soon kill the joy and you will think back of switching to traditional cigarettes.

Types of e- juice vary by different amounts of components in each e-liquid. In some e-juices, the percentage of propylene glycol is higher than vegetable glycerin, which boosts more taste in flavors but creates a low amount of vapors. Whereas higher amount of vegetable glycerin results in clouds of vapors but low flavoring. In either case, the main component is nicotine, its amount and its quality. It is strictly recommended that one should only select those e-juice, which contains laboratory-grade nicotine. One can think of, using cheap and DIY liquids for personal vaporizers. But it really doesn’t reach the excellency. The quality of American made e-liquid has no alternate. Homemade brewers and DIY enthusiasts can also USP(United States Pharmocopeia) graded elements but it still doesn’t work enough. The concept of using American made e-liquid is only exposing reliable e-liquids, safer to use and avoiding harmful toxins and elements in e-liquid.

There is a wide array of flavors in e-liquids from strongest tobacco and menthol flavors to sweet candy flavors. Plenty of e-liquid makers are standing there in market, creating new and exciting flavors. As a matter of concern, an e-liquid should be bought from a reputable company. Once you get to know the right company for buying your e-liquid, you can try two or three e-liquid at a time, expanding the experience, you can change flavors, try little more and also end up experiencing the feast of blending your favorite flavors.