Makeup is one of the essential part for a woman’s life and most importantly you should know how to do it right. This article mainly focuses on the Eye makeup because your Eyes define your personality and Eye makeup enhances it. Getting more specific, brown eyes are easy to makeup as compared to the other shades but still there are some tips which you should follow to get the best eye makeup for brown eyes.

Identify the exact colour of your eyes

Brown Eyes are further classified into dark brown, yellowish brown, light brown and many other shades, It is important for you to identify the exact shade because the makeup style which suits on darker eye colour won’t give the same look for the lighter ones and again vice versa. There are websites which would help you in determining the exact colour of your eyes and then you can apply the makeup shades which will suit best on you.

Choose permanent eyeliner for better style and durability

You should opt for permanent eye liners as they have the durability and also give the right look and the glaze to your eyes. Last thing you want in an event is that your makeup is wearing off. No matter how beautiful you look in the starting you do want to return back home as the same beauty queen.

For brown eyes there are purple or brown eye liners which you can choose for any event as they go well anytime with lighter skin tone and for more glamorous look you can opt for golden shade.

Mix things up for best look

You know your face better than anybody else, don’t always go with the rules, you can always add little bit “ME” factor in makeup. But remember don’t go too far from guidelines or basic proportions otherwise your makeup would lose its charisma.

Take care that your eye makeup is not going out of proportion

Always check the whole face after doing a layer of makeup and see that everything is into the right proportions, you don’t want your eyes to stand out and rest of your face to look dull. Best makeup is the rational one. Get the whole picture, If you have brown eyes and dark hair, you can always opt for any dark shade eyeliner, it will work as magic on you.

Brown eyes look magical is smoky shadow makeup

We all love it, don’t we, your eyes get the cutting edge, the beauty and the glamour all in abundance when you opt for smoky eye shadow makeup. Brown eyes are the best to opt for this look. Mostly people choose the dark shades but in this case you can mix it up by trying some lighter colours as well that’s how to do eye makeup for brown eyes with smoky shades.

Which colours you should mostly void

Please avoid Red, Yellow or green, brown eyes look drab with these high contrast colours, stay with darker shades and some shades of blue will also work well.