How To Look Gorgeous In Short Hair?

There are many older women who prefer short hair. Short hair helps to emphasize on their strong features and make them look years younger. However, most women complain that it is not easy to style short hair. Short hair proves to be quite a hassle because locks go haywire and refuse to stick at one place. However, there are some simple tricks that can help you to maintain that gorgeous mane and style it anyway you want. Here are some ideas that can help any mature woman to look great in short hair-

  • Blow dry- Blow drying is your friend when it comes to short hair. Blow drying helps to add volume to the short hair. If you blow dry your wet hair with a round brush, then you can easily get the classic bob. If you have pixie cut then blow dry in random directions in order to get the smooth spikes. Blow drying is an easy option which helps you to set your hair in whatever way you want.
  • Add hair gel- You can use hair styling gel to keep the wayward locks in place. The main problem with attaining any kind of hairstyle with short hair is the wayward small pieces of hair. The hair styling gel helps to keep your hair in one place for a good few hours. There are many options that are available in hair styling gel like mousse, sprays and creams. You can use anything that you feel fits your hair and style the most. With a hair gel attaining gorgeous hair styles on short hair is no more a problem.
  • Sea salt sprays- Sea salt sprays can go a long way in helping you to get those gorgeous beach waves. However, it is not a viable option to go and take a bath in sea whenever you want those beach waves. As a solution you can use the sea salt sprays to attain those gorgeous waves. There are many such sprays available in the market. If such a spray is not available in the market then you can easily make one of your own using sea salt with distilled water.
  • Curlers- If you love curly hair and want some curls to add pizzazz to your short hair then you can easily use curlers. The hot iron curlers are the best as they provide the most efficient curls. But they may damage the hair excessively. So use protection before applying hot curlers to your hair. If you do not want to use hot curlers then you can use rollers too and leave them overnight.
  • Flat iron straightener- You can also use a hair straightener if you want to straighten your short hair. Straightening short hair makes your chair look longer and hence frames your face nicely. Again you should use proper protection before using hot straighteners to your hair.

There are a variety of easy ways to make your short hair look fun and exciting. You can visit for more ideas about the same.