It is a known fact that adults and children need more care and supervision when it comes to the health and is believed by many. Adults need special care and treatment for the early detection of the illnesses and prevention of the same for the betterment of one and all. In simple words or a layman’s language, internal medicine is the name given to the care and treatment of adult diseases. Specialists specializing in this field are known as internists and must not be confused or mistaken with interns who are doctors in their first year of residency training. Vijaya Prakash Boggala is one such well known internist and a MD who has his Residency Training Programme in North Carolina.

He is an expert specializing in care and treatment of the adults, giving them timely treatment and diagnosing the illness for further action and more importantly for its prevention. Everyone knows prevention is the best cure and all measures must be taken to prevent an illness or disease. These experts not just prevent the general illness but cater to or take care of complex illness too. They apply their clinical expertise and knowledge of the science to diagnose and treat the elderly with great care and compassion.

Major portion of their training includes preventing, diagnosing and treating the elderly from various diseases. This basic training is a great help to them and make them specialize and practice in internal medicine. They are often consulted by the other physicians in solving diagnostic problems and also referred as the “doctor’s doctor”, i.e., doctor above the doctor like a third umpire in the game of cricket.

These internists complete their basic training of internal medicine and then enter into the field of practice. They are commonly known by the name of “general internists” and thus practice “general internal medicine.” They are the best care takers or care givers to the adults. They know pretty well in detail how to deal with the illness and are specialized in diagnosis and treatment of major illnesses in the adults. They believe in promoting good health and organize workshops for the same for the betterment and benefit of the society as a whole.

They possess and spread knowledge amongst the adults about the disease and how to prevent the same. They not just cater to a single problem but are great multi taskers dealing with various problems at times. Their role is not limited to just a single illness or single organ. They are supposed to deal with all the problems of the patient concerned and it does not matter whether it is a common or rare, simple or complex. They must handle all the problems and come up with a solution for the same. In fact they are specially trained for all this and their main role is to solve puzzling diagnostic problems. Most of the time, they handle chronic illnesses and diseases wherein multiple problems or diseases need to be looked upon at a single time.

Hence, people like Vijaya Prakash Boggala are consulted by many and much in demand in the present times.