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Fruits which are a ‘no-no’ during pregnancy

The most delicate period of a woman’s life is that of pregnancy. When you are carrying your little one in your womb, you need to be very cautious of what you are choosing to eat. Your immune system is affected largely during pregnancy, making you and your child susceptible to the viruses and bacteria causing food borne illnesses. Although we all know fruits as being very beneficial to the health, there are still a few which should be avoided during pregnancy.

Papaya: Papaya during pregnancy is a big no. Many women from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka use this fruit as an abortifacient. Eating papaya means an early arrival on labour pain which leads to miscarriage. Papayas, specifically the semi ripe and unripe ones contain latex, which triggers contractions in the uterine. Green papaya, often, was directly applied on the uterus. However, food forms like papaya smoothie, papaya salad, and also supplements having ingredient of papaya enzymes is a big danger during the third and last pregnancy trimester.

Pineapple: Eating pineapple when pregnant is harmful. They are rich in bromelain that causes softening of the woman’s cervix. This is the reason why pregnant women are strictly prohibited from eating pineapple. Many women purposely drink pineapple juice to get labour pain.

A few of pregnant women, however, had no issues when it came to eating this deadly fruit. A few gynecologists make the claim that the benefits of this fruit can surely be beneficial for expecting mothers towards the nearing of their due date since it helps to bring labor. If you are a huge pineapple fan and just cannot resist the fruit, you should first consult the doctor if at all it is healthy for you or not during your current trimester of pregnancy!

Grapes: Medical professionals say that grapes should be avoided in the last trimester due to its heat content. Raisins too, which are dried grapes, are on the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. The high level of resveratrol in the fruit is the bone of contention. The chemical can lead to toxicity for an expecting mother. However, these grapes can also provide you with important nutrients like Vitamin C and A.

The excessive heat in grapes leads to diarrhoea and lose motions which are dangerous as it can cause loss o fluids and water in the body. Sour grapes are too acidic and add to problems of expecting mothers who anyways are prone to heartburn. Too many grapes mean much acidity which can lead to vomiting and nausea. Also, the high content o resveratrol in grapes is likely to cause toxicity in carrying women who are hormonally imbalanced. This can lead to some serious conditions if the woman consumes too many grapes. This is the reason why medical research says that grapes during pregnancy should be avoided.

This festive season if you have planned to send a basket of fruits to a pregnant lady, be sure none of the above fruits are present in the assortment.