Most people worry that their kids are learning to be far too competitive when they join a sports team. Most don’t realize that a little healthy competition isn’t really a bad thing. Aside from learning how to work as a team, for both kids and adults, sports actually offer a lot of healthy benefits.

More Than Just A Tone Body

Most people, when thinking of why sports are good for your health, will immediately jump to the fitness aspect of it. Yes, sports can help you lose weight, get fit, and build muscle. However, sports participation does even more good for the body than just that.

Sports is good for your mind as well. Just like a normal workout, sports play can lift your mood. When you get your heart rate going your brain releases feel good hormones called endorphins. Sports and fitness also help reduce stress, sharpen mental focus, and improve your sleep.

Sports Has Other benefits Too

Aside from the many health benefits for your mind and body, sports also helps you build healthy relationships with your team members. You also learn to build relationships with your coaches and even your fans.

Participating in sports also teaches leadership skills, and teaches you how to work together as a team, as previously mentioned. Not only do you learn to nurture and support your team members, but you also learn how you benefit each other out on the field or in the court.

Better Self Esteem

Since the fitness you are getting from sports is also battling any depression you may have had, it is also counteracting those negative feelings with positive ones. You start to feel more confidence.

If you take the time to get good training you also gain confidence in your sports ability, which raises your self esteem more. You know you play well, you know you work well with your team, and you know the fans in the stands are cheering for you.

There is so much good about being part of a sport, no matter what sport it is. It takes a lot of time, skill, and learning, but the benefits and outcomes are well worth the time and money it takes to learn and master your sport.

There are less physical sports that still do good for the body as well. Not everyone is cut out to play basketball, football, baseball. While you may not get as much cardio from less active sports, your body still gets many of the great benefits, from a workout to a healthier mind.

Some of the less active sports you can participate in include golfing and bowling. You can get physical and not have such a huge team, for people that just don’t do large groups well, by getting into a sport like tennis.