If you enjoy running but are ready to start participating in races or other running events, there are usually several sponsored races per year in most cities. The races may be for charity and be non-competitive, but you should be able to find competitive running events as well. Along with charity events, you may be able to find running events in your town or a nearby city.

Types of Running Events

Most charity running events will be advertised well in advance to allow people to sign-up for it and find sponsors in order to raise money. However, if you are looking for more competitive events, you may need to check with local running clubs or go online to find an events calendar.

Run/Walk Events

These events are usually sponsored by charities and are run for fun to help raise money. They may be divided by ability, with a short fun run for kids and longer ones for adults. Some fun runs may also have a longer, and more competitive, 5K or 10K race for the more serious runner. However, these events are still run for fun and some runners will dress up in costumes to help keep them fun.

5K or 10K Races

If you want to test yourself and start competing, look for 5K and 10K running events. Several may be held each year in your city or in surrounding areas. Check running calendars online or call a local running club to find out about the races in your area.


You will probably be aware of marathons that are run in your area because they are usually scheduled for the same time every year. Knowing the schedule for a marathon ahead of time is very important because it can take several months of training in order to be prepared for one. Most people who run marathons are not doing so for the competition, but there can be a competitive aspect to them.

People who compete in marathons do so for several reasons. A good running time in a marathon can help you qualify for major marathons around the world. There are several marathons run each year in Australia including the Western Sydney Marathon, the City to Surf Marathon in Perth and the Townsville Running Festival Marathon.


For the ultimate challenge, some runners will train for triathlons. These events include a marathon like run, along with a swimming component and a bicycle component. This is an endurance race that will test any athlete. Many people get hooked on triathlons and will only race in them. The most famous Triathlon in the world is the Iron Man, which is held every year in Hawaii. That race is the goal for many people who enjoy competing in triathlons.

If you are a more serious runner, competing in some events can open up other opportunities for you. A good time in a marathon or triathlon can lead to invitations to participate in marathons and triathlons around the world.