If you are one of those living in Greensboro, North Carolina, the US; looking for an experienced physician specialist in Internal Medicine, you can think of meeting the extremely demanding Dr. Vijaya Prakash Boggala, MD at the multispecialty hospice Moses Cone Healthcare Facilities in Elm Street. Regardless of whether it’s a general health check up or a chronic cardiac problem of an adult family member, you can expect finest standard disease management services and consultancy from this new generation patient loving doctor. Typically, being an internist or specialist in internal medicine area, Dr Vijay Prakash offers healthcare solutions exclusively for adult diseases, or for those who are above 18 years or older.

Subsequent to completion of his medical degree and residency curriculum from the Kurnool Medical College, Dr. Prakash embarked on private practices. With his great diagnosis ability, excellent management procedures and patient friendly behavior he became popular in entire Greensboro and its nearby areas. With an aim to offer higher standard of healthcare services he joined Moses H Cone Medicine Center where you can meet him after making an appointment. As of day, this North Carolina State license holder physician is one of the top preferred general physicians or internists in Greensboro. For those who make common mistake and mix up the services offered by family physicians and internists, Dr. Vijaya Prakash Boggala conveys them that, even though relatively same, family physicians are supposed to undergo family medicine medical courses while an internist specializes on internal medicine segment only.

A family physician can offer medical care services to patients irrespective of their age from kids to elderly and are basically performing as private practitioners. However, internal medicine specialists are specializing in adult diseases only and the majority of these practitioners remain attached with healthcare facilities. Meeting an Internist is a widespread choice of people because in their medical courses these specialists are given comprehensive health-care education plus hands-on training to diagnose, treat and prevent minor to complex diseases. Once, a MD like Dr. Vijaya Prakash Boggala understands that one’s health condition or symptoms demands advanced care or a specialized medical advocacy; he typically refers you to a physician specialist in that specific area. Having been associated with the healthcare industry for a long time, he has great rapport with a number of critical cares, trauma care clinics and major long terms care units in America.

Thus, the esteemed Greensboro physician helps his patients obtain all time best care services out of his recommendations. In diagnosing one’s health condition or kind of the disease, his mastery has been well established and appraised too. With this, while he helps patients in getting the correct treatment and management procedures; for critical cases he immediately refers his patients to specialist doctors. A phase to phase study of medical history of chronic patients suffering from persisting osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis or cardiac issues are effectively administered by this efficient doctor. Never forget to carry all your previous medical reports or health check up lab copies once you meet Dr. Vijaya Prakash Boggala for consultancy, assistance or any kind of healthcare management service.