You may be someone who hates bad breath and you have made a solemn oath that as long as you live, nobody shall need to smell the breath coming from your mouth and then having the urge to regurgitate their lunch. You could also be someone who is fascinated with having pearly white teeth and a fresh breath that keeps on going and simply does not disappear. You may think you can achieve this simply through regular brushing, rinsing with mouthwash and flossing but sometimes what you really need is some extra help with the products below.

Tongue cleaner

You may be surprised to learn that most of the bad breath-causing bacteria in the mouth resides primarily on the surface of the tongue and rinsing sometimes just isn’t enough. That is why dentalshop carries a handy little tool known as a ‘tongue cleaner’ which as shown by the name, is designed to rest flatly on your tongue and allows you to glide it from the deep part to the tip of your tongue, whilst scraping out the bacteria.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect that the tongue cleaner carried by dentalshop is able to remove 100% of the bacteria on your tongue but at the very least, you should immediately begin to feel an extra layer of freshness in your mouth after every wash.

Mouth irrigator

Many people are surprised to learn about what a mouth irrigator does and especially when they learn about how well it helps to get rid of those micro-sized bacteria in the mouth that is known to cause bad breath, gingivitis and more. The way the product works, as carried by dentalshop, is that it mixes together lots of air and water, then keeps it pressurized like that of a carbonated drink.

You are then free to use it when you brush and it will periodically release lots of micro-sized bubbles that will seep into your gums and reach even the tiniest cranny in your mouth to get rid of the bacteria there.

Teeth whitening

To truly set your smile above the rest of your friends or the people around you, go for products carried by dentalshop that are specifically made to help you with the whitening of your teeth. Don’t worry as you are not simply putting on some industrial cleansing agent directly on your precious teeth.

To be safe, always choose the products from dentalshop as they are known to carry some of market’s most renowned products that will help you get pearly white teeth in a flash!