This is an Ethylone legal powder review which will help you to understand the ways it works. We’d like to remind you that before a purchase of agent you should check the drug law of your state thoroughly. And before taking the legal powder you should necessarily make sure you are not allergic to it.

Ethylone is a research chemical which acts a reuptake inhibitor and releasing agent of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, producing a variety of effects which are somewhat comparable to methylone or MDEA. Upon laboratory testing Ethylone was found to be one of the main ingredients in a number of different “bath salt” blends as well as a variety of other legal powders.


Ethylone stands out from the rest legal powders with numerous positive effects. In this legal powder review we will tell you about them in detail.

Ethylone acts as a moderately strong empathogen producing a tidal wave of feelings and emotions which one would regularly not feel. Along with this Ethylone also acts as a stimulant. It can be administered through a variety of different routes, with the primary ones being intranasally and orally, which is usual for legal powder. Due to the high concentration of 5HT serotonin receptors that are located within the gastrointestinal tract, Ethylone appears to be most effective when administered orally. This legal powder is known for its positive effects, which are described in lots of reviews on different legal powder forums: euphoria, empathy, softening of boundaries, feelings of connectedness with the world and others, stimulation, color enhancements, feelings of inner peace and tranquility, lowered inhibitions, increased musical appreciation.

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