It has been a decade since the peptides were introduced in the bodybuilding community. Unlike the anabolic steroids, the peptides involve a wide variety of compounds that leads to diverse nature physiological response. There are 1000 of peptides available. To understand their significance you need to become familiar with them. Most bodybuilders view peptides as a performance enhancing agents. The first peptide that came to the forefront was Growth Hormone, and it received immense popularity amongst the bodybuilders. Soon IGF-1 was also available to the bodybuilders, and they realized that they could benefit from this peptide as well.

Let us explore the different types of peptides that can be useful for bodybuilders.

Common Types Of Peptides Using In Bodybuilding

The most common types of peptides that are used in bodybuilding are as follows.

  • IGF-1 is used for the muscle growth and recovery.
  • GHRP/Ghrelin Mimetics. This peptide is used for peptide stimulation.
  • GHRH and it is used for the release of GH.
  • Melanotropins is used for libido and sexual function improvement.
  • Thymosins is used for repairing the damaged tissues.

Understanding The Part Played By Peptides In Bodybuilding

When you are selecting a peptide for bodybuilding, then you first need to identify your requirements and your goals as well. Many of these peptides offer those benefits that you cannot achieve with the traditional AAS alone. Well, it may be bit hard for you to accept, but the truth is that AAS does constitute the basics of a PED program. Another thing you need to know is that when you are opting for growth peptides, they will be beneficial, but will not be a replacement for AAS. The AAS and growth peptides work together for improving the results.

When you opt for IGF-1, then you need to understand the fact that you will not be able to get the results overnight. There will be a gradually noticeable increase in the muscle size. You will also witness an improvement in the fullness and recovery rate when you use IGF-1.

The peptides do not just benefit the muscle size. They also contribute to the wellbeing of a bodybuilder overall. For example, if you use TB500 then it can prove to be very useful. The reason is that it is termed to be a naturally occurring peptide and is used in the regeneration, repair and for organ tissue protection. It also increases the collagen synthesis rate, and this eventually helps to reduce the element of inflammation. Obviously, this helps to promote healing.

The best way to benefit from the peptides is first to understand the requirements of your body and then use the peptide accordingly. It is also important to understand that when you are using peptides, then you need to focus on your diet and workout routine as well. This way you can maximize the results that you get with the use of peptides. The key to success is consistent. Remember that you may be enticed to use steroids, but they can be a riskier option and at the end of the day you will be putting your health and wellness on the line so do not take the risk of using steroids and try to consider using peptides. Read more about this on