Emergency medical services are those which are dedicated towards hospitality and medical cute care offered for patients along with medical transport for illness and injury caused to them. Emergency services included in it are like paramedic service, first aid squad, emergency squad, rescue squad, ambulance squad, ambulance service, ambulance corps or life squad.

Its main aim is to offer emergency medical services for treating in urgent need of medical care on time. Their main goal is to treat current satiation o patient as well arranging timely removal of patients for next point of care. These services can be compared with emergency departments of hospitals. There is major difference seen between ambulance and emergency medical services. Earlier common ambulance system involved only transportation of patients while in emergency medical services, preliminary medical care is also provided along with transportation for providing on spot relief to patients. Commonly these services can be used b y dialing up their specific number mentioned for public.

At few parts of World, emergency medical services have their wider functions of transferring patients from one medical facility to other medical facility. They encompasses with higher level of medical care offered by medical specialists. Patients are transferred from specialized medical facility to local nursing homes or hospitals when they need not to have further treatments from same medical facility and their seat can be vacated for some other needy patients.

Most specialized hospitals includes their higher levels of care and services for many individuals like neonatal intensive care, pediatric intensive care, state regional burn centers, specialized care of spinal injury and neurosurgery, regional stroke centers, specialized cardiac care and specialized regional trauma care.

At few jurisdictional areas, emergency medical units also handle technical rescue operations like extrication, water rescue and search and rescue. There is specific qualification and training required for being members of emergency medical services which can vary differently at different regions. However, there are some regions where members have only driving experience and not any medical training. Some may involve personnel bearing only basic first aid certifications. In addition, there are EMS systems that have staff of advanced life support including all members like paramedics, nurses or physicians.

Aim of Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical services have their primary aim for fulfilling first aid which is directed for preserving life, preventing injury and promoting recovery. Their target is offering quality premedical care and transporting patient to hospital on time to medical care on time without any delay. There are six main stages for its medical care as given below-

  • Early detection of emergency situation, understanding the problem and reaching on time.
  • Reporting on time after looking for a person present on scene ad making call to medical services and offering quick response after noting all details.
  • Responding as soon as possible and arriving at place on time.
  • Quality and updated medical care offered efficiently for patients available on present scene by medical specialists.
  • Looking after patients throughout whole journey and offering appropriate medical care needed at that time.