All the vital organs in our body are integrated and inseparable, and they depend on one another in some way or the other to carry out their respective tasks in a rhythmic pattern. When you cannot separate one from the other, then why attempt to treat any one of them separately, when it starts ‘malfunctioning?’ Holistic health care is an integrated approach to treatment that attempts to heal the whole body, and also the mind, not simply the symptoms and the diseases. The primary goal of holistic health care is to help people achieve optimum wellness through a balanced lifestyle. There are many centers in the US that offer holistic healing to its patients. For instance, if you are in Florida, you can find such healthcare centers in Trinity, Downtown Tampa, Zephyrhills, South Tampa, and Carrollwood, among others. Instead of just identifying and treating a specific condition, holistic healers in these clinics consider the various aspects of your lifestyle and health issues, and accordingly devise a care regimen so that you can attain your optimum level of wellness.

Basic Tenets of Holistic Treatment Philosophy

Treatment involves finding out the root cause of the condition, not just alleviating the symptoms. Under holistic school of medicine, popping pills is not the only option; your doctor might try other alternative therapies to address the inherent problem. Consider common headache for example. A holistic doctor would not stop with prescribing a few medicines. Instead, he would analyze the lifestyle factors such as diet, sleeping pattern, stress-level and more before designing a unique treatment plan for you. This 360-degree plan does not only heal the symptoms, but also help prevent them from coming back.

Holistic Healing — Your Options

Holistic doctors employ a combination of treatment techniques to help their patients address various aspects of their lifestyle, and subsequently achieving optimal health. Depending on the patient’s conditions, these may include:

Positive Lifestyle Changes: Today, most of the diseases are related to wrong lifestyle choices. Holistic treatment is thus geared toward educating patients on the value of a healthy lifestyle. Accordingly, they offer counseling on diet and exercise. Depending on the patient’s unique physical and mental state, the practitioner may also offer emotional and even spiritual counseling.

Alternative Therapies: Across the developed countries, including North America and Europe, medical treatments are focused on treating ailments with specific drugs. In these parts of the world, any other form of treatment is known as alternative or complementary medicine. An increasing number of medical practitioners are using complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, naturopathy, and others, often in combination with mainstream medical treatments. This has contributed to the popularity of the discipline, called the ‘integrated medicine.’ In fact, nearly 40 percent of adults today resort to CAM treatments to achieve overall wellness.

Western Medications and Surgical Procedures: The western medical science is also a part of this holistic approach. It is premised on treating the symptoms with a variety of drugs. If that’s not enough, a surgical procedure is recommended. Be it your heart, your knees, or your eyes, sometimes seeking surgical intervention becomes inevitable. Western medicine is an option for a vast number of people, who are seeking a quick recovery or when they know for sure what is causing the disorder.

Whether you live in Tampa or Trinity, health care centers across Florida can offer holistic care programs tailored to your unique wellness needs. With this alternative approach to treatment becoming increasingly popular all over the US, finding a holistic doctor has become easier than ever. In addition to conventional medical practitioners, holistic practitioners may also include medical chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and homeopathic doctors. The American Holistic Medical Association website is a good resource to locate a holistic specialist in your area. If you have been suffering from chronic illnesses for a long time, have tried different types of medications without result, visit a holistic wellness center today, and get relief from your pain through minimally invasive, yet highly effective techniques.