Since the advent of the electronic cigarette, smokers have obtained some relief from harassment from non-smokers. When a former cigarette smoker uses an electronic cigarette, he, by the law, is technically not smoking. Therefore, he often can “Vape” (the term for “smoking” an e-cig) in places that are usually considered off-limits to smokers

Simulated Smoking

Electronic cigarettes are an innovative invention that makes it possible to enjoy the taste of a real cigarette without receiving the disgruntled looks and stares from people who are offended by smoke. However, you have to be careful as some people will still think that you are holding a real cigarette as an e-cig looks just like a tobacco cigarette. It even smokes like a genuine cigarette and tastes the same as well.

The idea of creating an e-cig is to develop an experience that closely simulates smoking a real cigarette. Nicotine is also incorporated into the electronic cigarette to underscore the pleasure of smoking the device. However, you don’t receive ill feelings or experience any of the health concerns that come with smoking tobacco brands.

Vapour Instead of Smoke

The so-called “smoke” that is released from an e-cig is just a vapour (condensed water and air), which is combined with nicotine in a cartridge. The Nucigs electronic cigarette is an e-cig that is designed in this way. The exhaled vapour is not harmful because it is not tobacco smoke. Therefore, no passive smoke remains in the air after the e-cig is “smoked.”

The vapour from an e-cig is odourless and evaporates instantly, or within seconds after exhalation. Again, the vapour does not linger like smoke nor does it cause walls or fabrics to become discoloured like real cigarette smoke. The e-cig user also does not experience smoker’s breath nor does the vapour remain in the hair or clothes like the smoke from real cigarettes.

Nicotine Levels

While some e-cigs are marketed without nicotine, you can also find brands that feature cartridges and filters for e-cig products that provide nicotine in such amounts as 18 mg. (high), 12 mg. (medium) or 6 mg. (low). You can find out which electronic cigarette will satisfy your need for nicotine by seeing which level appeases the craving in about 4 draws.

Some people who are thinking of switching to e-cigarettes wonder if e-cigs are better for one’s health. Studies show that electronic cigarettes, at least, do not pose health concerns for bystanders or anyone who can be affected by the passive smoke of tobacco cigarettes. One study in July 2013 stated that the chemicals that cause cigarettes to be harmful are only present in trace amounts in e-cigarettes.

A report made in October 2012 by the publication, Inhalation Toxicology, showed that electronic cigarettes posed no apparent risk to health from the emissions alone. One professor said that the e-cig risk is negligible and, when the activity is compared with smoking, there is no doubt that choosing an e-cig is a much better alternative.