Eyes are an indispensable part of a woman’s beauty. Long and thick eyelashes add a majestic appeal to one’s beauty. One can never walk into a party without eye makeup. Highlighted and beautiful eyes add a dramatic appeal to your overall look. And that look is enhanced with thick and long eyelashes. Women who suffer from scanty eyelashes use lash accelerators, extensions and mascaras to give your lashes a voluminous look. However, these temporary options also cause the fall of eyelashes giving you fewer lashes. This article discusses some effective and convenient home remedies to grow long eyelashes. Stop taking the aid of artificial ways to grow long eyelashes, instead follow these natural tips to get those dazzling eyelashes.

Green Tea

Green tea is not only to eliminate toxins from your body, but it also comes with other useful benefits. A green tea drink if applied on your eyelashes helps to stimulate the growth of new eyelashes. Make green tea and apply to your eyelashes after cooling with a cotton ball. The beneficial caffeine and flavonoids strengthen the existing lashes and improve new eyelash growth.

Massage your eyelids

Experts say that massaging your eyelids helps to increase the blood circulation. The regular blood flow enhances the growth of new lashes. Rub your eyelids in a circular motion with your fingertips. You will see a huge difference in the growth and volume of your eyelashes with this practice.

Remove makeup

Removing your makeup at night is a must to maintain the health of your eyelashes. Even if you are returning late at night, one must not forget to remove their makeup before sleeping. Wearing makeup and sleeping blocks the pores and clogs them slowing down the healing and growth process of your lashes. The removal of makeup helps to grow long eyelashes and nurtures the existing ones.

Natural oils

Just like your skin and hair, your eyelashes too need nurturing and moisturization. Natural oils act as one of the best home remedies to grow beautiful eyelashes. One can make the use of different natural oils to moisturize their lashes. Oils like coconut, rosehip, olive, avocado, sweet almonds and more are ideal for applying to your lashes and at bedtime. You can also mix the oils mentioned above or use one particular oil. Keep the oil overnight for visible results.

Aloe Vera

Like green tea, aloe vera too has multiple benefits. This tip is one of the most spoken plants that is used in many natural remedies. This miracle plant also helps to strengthen and intensify the beauty of your lashes. Apply aloe vera gel on your lashes with a mascara brush at night. Aloe vera contains certain nutrients and vitamins that make your lashes stronger.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another natural remedy that helps in growing healthy and thick eyelashes. One can get vitamin E soft gels from any local pharmacy store. Break open one capsule and apply the solution to your eyelashes with mascara or this brush. Vitamin E strengthens and nourishes your lashes.

Avoid fake eyelashes

Not every woman is gifted with long and thick eyelashes. For women who want beautiful eyelashes, cosmetic companies came up with the idea of false eyelashes. Many women use this beauty product to add a twist to their party look. However, when you need to take them off, they damage your existing eyelashes. Hence, experts recommend avoiding the use of fake eyelashes to prevent your existing eyelashes from any damage.

Lash Accelerator

Mascara helps to get longer and thicker eyelashes instantly. While selecting a mascara from the many available options, get the one which has a lash accelerator. The mascara along with a lash accelerator helps to stimulate eyelashes growth.


Have you ever tried Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) to grow thick eyelashes? One of the most straightforward and simplest home remedies for long eyelashes is applying petroleum jelly on your lashes each night before sleeping. Apply vaseline before sleeping daily and check out the difference in your lashes. Apart from many other treatments this home remedy prevents your eyelids from darkening too.

Careprost Eye Drops

Bimatoprost a medical ingredient helps to increase the growth of your eyelashes. Careprost eye drops, one of the best ophthalmic solutions that helps to treat people with scanty eyelashes. One can notice visible changes within six to eight weeks of application. Apply a thin layer of this solution on your upper eyelid with the help of a brush. It is convenient to buy Careprost online from a pharmacy store at discounted prices. Get thick and long lashes with these effective eye drops. Many positive reviews has made this product a must buy for all men and women who desire long and thick eyelashes.

These home remedies help you to get grow thick, dark and long eyelashes instantly. Now, it becomes easy for every woman to attain that red carpet mesmerizing look with natural and beautiful eyelashes.