One of the biggest curses of the 21st century is Insomnia. With stressful lives, busy work schedules, odd working hours and the general demanding nature of life today, it is difficult to catch a good night’s sleep. Just when you want your body to power down, the tension for tomorrow’s big presentation pitch will loom at the back of your head or you’ll suddenly remember some correction you had to make on slide number 3.

With so much stress, Insomnia is quite common among young individuals and continuous lack of sleep eventually starts disrupting their work life balance too. With these easy remedies, you can start tuning your mind and body into getting a good night’s rest which is a must after a long and tiring day:

Pre- Sleep Ritual

Most of the times you’ll find that even if you turn into bed early, you’ll be left struggling for hours as sleep eludes you and your mind is constantly thinking of ten different things. One of the best way to calm the mind is to distract it. You could do this by reading a good book which will surely keep you engrossed but will also induce a state of sleepiness in your mind which will help you attain sleep much more easily than normal. Another effective way is by listening to calming music which could just be slow, mellow songs or nature sounds to help your mind cool off and get some sleep.

Take a bath

No matter how hard you try, you can’t help but ponder over useless questions that never seem to have answers- will you get that raise? Will you pass your exam? What course should you apply for now that you graduated? The list is endless. So if you’ve got to ponder, run yourself a hot or warm water bath and just power down in the bath tub instead. This will allow you to think as well as make your body ready for bed and releasing tension from the muscles. You can also add bath salts and make use of fragrant soaps which you can buy using healthgenie coupons to further make the bath relaxing and helping you calm your senses. It’s a great way to power down rather than tossing and turning in bed for hours.

Sleep Inducing Environment

Another factor that further aggravates your sleepless night is the kind of environment and room you sleep in. You have your alarm clock staring you in the face which makes matters worse as you begin calculating in your mind how much time you have left to sleep. To achieve good results, turn off all devices and mobiles too preferably as those small LED lights that are emitted by electronics act as a distraction. Go in for a regular watch to tell the time instead of an LED alarm clock. Turn on the fan or air condition to cool the room temperature as in cooler environments the brain finds it easier to power down and sleep. Once your environment induces sleep, you will find it much better to catch some sleep.

Gentle Yoga

While yoga isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you can always try easy stretching and breathing exercises. Doing so will help your body muscles to loosen up which will better prepare you for bed. You need to take that tension out of the body which would otherwise result in you tossing and turning. The breathing exercises will help soothe the mind and you could meditate while breathing to further speeden the process. This is a great way to make your mind and body ready to hit the sack. You should compliment yoga with exercise and a good diet. Make use of healthkart coupons to supplement your body with much needed vitamins and minerals to be in good health to function during stress and pressure as well.

Stick to a Sleep Cycle

One of the major reasons for the body not being able to get a good night’s sleep is because of your fluctuating sleep routine. It’s not uncommon to find youngsters up till 2- 3 am in the morning and then sleeping in on the weekend till 2 pm. Such kind of a cycle makes it difficult for the body to get proper rest. Remember you cannot make up for lost sleep by sleeping longer at a later date. Hence, even on the weekend try sticking to a time by which you should be up and about rather than sleeping away for hours.

These tricks and remedies will surely help your body to achieve sleep which is the much needed cure for today’s day to day problems. There is nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix and you surely can achieve it too with these remedies!