As per a highly famous study by Public Health England, it has been claimed that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco. However, there are some critics who have questioned about the safety of e-cigs, whether they are actually safe or are a high tech way of engaging an entire generation on to a bad nicotine habit. Well, nobody knows the exact answer. Research regarding the effects of e-cigarettes lag behind but whether you’re ready to accept it or not, this is definitely the era of e-cigs. In fact, it is a booming billion-dollar industry which is all set to outsell tobacco products within the next decade. The total number of tweens and teens using this product doubled from 2011 to 2012.

E-cigarettes — How do they work?

If you’ve been wondering about its look, you should know that they look like the real thing and the end of the e-cig glows when you inhale. When you exhale, you will puff out something that looks exactly like smoke. Although it is not smoke, it is vapor, something like fog. All e-cigarettes work in a similar manner. There’s a battery inside it which is the heating element and a cartridge that holds liquids, nicotine and other flavourings. Features of the e-cigs and their costs vary and while some are disposable, some others have a battery that can be recharged. The process of using an e-cig is called vaping.

Are they really safe?

The nicotine within the cartridge is addictive for a smoker and when you stop using it, you will start getting withdrawal symptoms including depression, irritation, feeling restless and anxious. This can be dangerous for people who are suffering from chronic heart diseases as your arteries can get blocked over time. Evidence says that e-cigarettes can be safer than regular ones. The biggest danger that one faces from tobacco is the smoke and this is because e-cigs are considered as safe as they don’t burn. According to tests, the extent of vicious chemicals that they emit is nothing but a fraction of what you would get from a real cigarette. So, it can be concluded that the e-cigarettes are certainly less harmful but no one still knows about their long-term risks.

What should your parents know about e-cigarettes?

If you’re a parent whose teen kid is most likely to take to smoking or rather vaping, here are some things that you need to know:

  1. Nicotine that is contained within the cartridges can impact the brain development of teens and children.
  2. There are some e-cigs that contain candy flavoring and this could make them interesting and appealing to your children
  3. E-cigs don’t leave behind a smell like tobacco and hence it’s tougher for the parents to know whether or not their kids are vaping.

Therefore, if you’re eager to know about the benefits of tobacco flavored e-cig, you may take into account the above mentioned facts. Know whether it’s safe for you before taking the plunge of investing in it.