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DIY Delicious to have: Healthy recipes for babies

Babies are very choosy when it comes to food. Chocolates, ice – creams, chips and cookies are the only things that are never ditched by babies. And their sweet expressions are totally irresistible to force them to eat healthy bland stuff. But in the growing years they need to be given nutritious stuff the most.

Also we need ideas to make something new every day. And if your babe goes to her kindergarten or even school then the lunchbox must also have some healthy stuff so that they get some nutrition in the 6-7 hours spent in the school. So here is a list of recipes to include veggies and fruits in your little one’s diet.

1) Sattu Pizza

Pizza?! Did I just sound crazy? How can a pizza be healthy!!

How is it healthy? It’s the first word that is the catch. Sattu (gram flour) is the most nourishing flour one could have included in their diet. Gram legume is loaded with iron. Sattu has the properties to enhance summer heat tolerance.

Also if you know cheese are made from milk by the action of good bacteria, so the cheese has a lot of lactate and other probiotics. The veggies of course are filled with nutrients and minerals. So the market pizza is not healthy because of the fine flour they use and the sauce they use.

How to make? Knead dough out of the sattu adding the flour, water and a bit of salt to taste as if you’d so for making bread. You can use the mechanical kneading machine.

Take a baking try glaze with some butter and pour the dough evenly. Take a fork and pierce the pizza bread at places for cooking it evenly inside out.

Set your oven’s temperature around 350˚ for about 10-15 mins or set is according to device’s instructions. Once the bread is ready make some more as you can store them. Let them cool down.

Now spread shredded cheese of your choice, preferably mozzarella, add a layer of veggies and then cover with cheese so that veggies are hidden. Bake your pizza.

2) Palak Puri

How is it healthy? These puris are very attractive to the eyes. You can add almost any green vegetables’s paste into it. Spinach leaves have a lot of vitamin K, iron, calcium etc. they are good for your eyes, skin, immunity and digestion. The leaves are rich in fibre.

How to make? Simply take the leafy vegetable you want to add. 2-3 green chillies and coriander. Make a paste of it in a mixer. Add this puree while kneading the dough. Use whole grain flour and add some sesame seeds and cumin seeds. Make small circular puris and fry them or bake them.

3) Veggie poppers

How is it healthy? They are the best way to hide veggies in nugget like poppers. The vegetables stay almost is a boiled state inside unlike the cooking methods where the vegetable is cooked. They are inside gram flour coat which again is a good cleanser and acts as a laxative too. Its rich in proteins and fibres. Corn flour is also very

How to make? Chop your veggies into tiny shreds. Use cabbage, peas, peppers, onions. Add some cornflour to it and make balls of the veggies. Then dip theses balls in a gram flour plus salt plus spices liquid. Fry the balls and serve.

4) Cottage cheese (paneer) balls

How is it healthy? Cottage cheese is loaded with calcium. For vegetarians this is the most suitable substitute to meet the demands for proteins and calcium. It has a lot of vegtables

How to make? Take about 500g cottage cheese. Grate it. Take vegetables and cut them to tiniest pieces equal to the paneer shreds. Make flat small cakes (tikkis) of this mix. Now in a plate take bread crumbs. Dab these cakes in the crumbs and shallow fry in non — stick pan. Serve with homemade dips.

5) Sabuddana (sago) Cutlets

How is it healthy? Sago is obtained from the roots of the palm plant sap. It is rich in carbohydrate and vitamin C , vitamin A, thymine and proteins. It has potato and other vegetables.

How to make? Soak sago overnight. Chop vegetables like cabbage and boil potatoes. Mash them and mix well. Make egg shapes out of them. Cover with bread crumbs and shallow fry. Serve them with homemade dips.

6) Curd variations

How is it healthy? Curd is a rich source of probiotics. It has a lot of calcium and vitamins. It has fauna to help increase the gut bacteria. It has vitamin B12 which again is very good for the gut.

How to make? There are a lot of ways. You can add some tamarind chutney and some boondi (croutons). Or you can add sliced bananas and sugar. Just figure out what your baby likes.

7) Veg rolls

How is it healthy? The vegetables are in a boiled state which is very good. Also a lot of them can be incorporated. The bread (covering) is also rich in carbohydrate and fibres. Vinegar is acetic acid, which is very good for health.

How to make? Take any vegetables of your choice from cabbages, peppers, carrots, onions, tomatoes etc. that can be eaten boiled. Just stir fry them in vinegar with some salt. Roll out some rotis. (you can use leftovers). Spread the veggies and add a splash of tomato sauce, mustard sauce and chopped onion. Serve cutting them in smaller pieces.

8) Dhabelii — the desi burger

How is it healthy? It has a peanuts filled filling. Pea nuts are good for your babies heart and cardiovascular system. It is very similar to a burger yet very far away from the junk.

How to make? Simply take boiled potatoes mash them add fried peanuts, spices and condiments. Add some shredded cabbage. Mix well and make into the burger patties. Fry them. Take a burger bun divide it from the middle line and place the pattie with some mayo and tomato slices.

9) Bread sticks

How is it healthy? It is a fun shape given to veggies. So basically what looks like a bread stick actually has vegetables.

How to make? Take a bread slice and cut it into sticks. In a batter mix gram flour and diced vegetables and salt, red chilli, turmeric and some spices of choice. Dip the sticks in the batter and fry.

10) Momo — healthy twist

How is it healthy? Momos are actually a healthy thing apart from the high on spice dip served with them. The vegetables are simply steam. Not even boiled to let the nutrients go in the broth. Its simply very tasty and very very healthy.

How to make? Make a soft dough out of fine floor. Make small circles and add shredded veggies and shape it like a momo. In a utensil keep a sieve inverted and fill the lower base with water let it generate a lot of steam. Place your momos carefully and steam them.

PS you can make the sauce at home too. Just boil tomatoes remove the skin and grind them. In a pan reduce the puree, and add sugar depending on the sweetness you want, red chilli powder, some tamarind puree and salt. Cool and store. It can be stored for a month. Has no preservatives!!!

An important thing is always be alert and vigilant to your baby’s responses to anything. Eating a new thing might lead to some uneasiness if the child is allergic. Though the recipes are totally based on natural ingredients yet it’s not meant for babies younger than 3 years old.

About The Author: Marissa is an investigative reviewer who tries out all the baby products with her team. She widely respected for her unbiased reviews. Read her latest best bottles for breastfed babies review