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If You Have a Disabled Child Here are Some Of the Considerate Toy Ideas You Should Consider

How do you know that your kid has a disability? The common tell signs are mostly verbal and nonverbal reparation, problemswhen socializing with other children, and recurring behavior.

Times have changed so that parents with disabled children have lots of support these days, both online and offline.Its almost the same as how people looking to detox from meth can get the help they need. One sure thing though is that there are no two similar disability cases. Each one of them is unique, and they should be handled as such.

Engage and Interact

One of the best ways to interact with disabled children is through play, which is how the industry has come up with an impressive selection of toys for disabled children. With the latest discoveries, parents and care caregivers have been made aware that there is more to play than a fun, distracting toy. The object that occupies your child’s attention should also help them engage with the world outside their own, and even aid in brain development.

Unlike other children, disabled children have a difficult time engaging in everyday play. They need a little encouragement to step out and have fun. Therapists recommend between 15 and 20 hours of play every week to bring the disabled champ out of their shell. Toys are undoubtedly the first way to keep them engaged, but some other ways will help you monitor them and even bond in the process.

Movements and Bonding

Every child loves to jump and run around, no? Well, so do disabled children, although they do have a problem dealing with unexpected changes. They will, for example, need a little time to attune to games such as hide and seek.

The only way to enable the child’s brain to anticipate a sudden movement is by getting them started on it. Teach them how to jump, crawl, and leap as these activities prepare the brain for sudden change. Having a familiar face around will encourage them and get rid of any fear.

Social Play

As we noted earlier, disabled children have a problem socializing. They will not automatically join their peers in the field for a run or something because they do not feel the urgency to it. Bringing them out to the park for play to run and play in the open will bring out the little champion in your child. If you know other parents in your neighborhood or at the park, plan play dates so that the little one interacts with their age mates.

Basically, they will become socially aware of their surroundings and even develop self-esteem, pride and team work. Ever thought of banging rocks and having fun at it? Well, you would be surprised at how helpful it would be for your child as they develop a ‘taste’ for sound.

The Best Forms Of Gifts As The Child Grows

Quality Time

A calming toy is perfect as it will help your child focus, but they will only want it for so long. Even more important, especially as they grow, is quality time. Your child will appreciate it more if you take the day off once in a while and go for long walks, do some art projects, and even bake together. The empathy and pure love will be with them long after they have outgrown their favorite stuffed animal.

Educational Material and Videos

Disabled children get distracted easily, and so you may need to incorporate fun methods to get them to learn. Leappad, child-safe tablets, are ideal and fun learning material that the child will love. They have fun-filled games too for when they need breaks from all the studying.

As they grow, you will find more material that could help their quest for knowledge. Also, a little TV will not hurt especially nature, science, history, and art documentaries. They are as entertaining as they are educative.

Still, in line with fun educational stuff, you have books. You may be surprised at adisabled child’s ability to understand and remember details. Fun books with large illustrative images and texts will be interesting, and even better if they have repetitive texts and rhythms. The Little champion will devour them and commit them to heart.

Everyone loves video games, and disabled children are no different. Parents with disabled children say they bring a portable game along when taking trips that will require their children to sit still for long hours. They are the ideal way to keep their minds engaged.

Puzzles For Interactive Play

Children get immersed into an activity so much that they could forget to eat. Get them puzzles and jigsaws and watch them get lost in the games as they try to put the pieces together. If you can find brightly colored puzzles, they will love them even more. This form of play engages the brain and increased their focus.


The challenge and thrill that comes with snapping Legos pieces together is certainly the one thing that keeps children engaged. Legos engage the mind, and they keep the child still for so long you would be tempted to disrupt them. The colorful nature of the toys is also a great attraction that will occupy their minds completely for several hours. Legos are especially an attraction for older children who have outgrown their stuffed animals.

Put Thought Into The Toy

Whether you are the parent or a gift giver, you want to put thought into the toy. Toys for disabled children are not necessarily just for fun, but they will also play a significant role in their development. Children in various stages of development will need different toys, but they should all be geared towards incorporating development as much as they are fun.

Even more important is incorporating thoughts from other parents with disabled children. There is an extensive community out there that is only too willing to share information that could change the way you socialize with your child.