C-arm, a technology used by medical practitioners for enhancing their levels of services, is a very expensive thing to be bought or invested in. It is certain for anyone to feel nervous when read or hear the word used / second hand / refurbished c- arms. Since money is an important factor, make sure to invest enough time and energy to find the right unit.

If bought a remodeled c-arm, then it may cost you much less than the new model that is available in the market today. The technology from pacific health USA and c-arms have never failed to offer service for longer years and hence, there is no doubt that your investment will be a fruitful one.

Usually there are four terms that may elucidate the working condition of c-arm:-

  • New
  • Refurbished
  • Retouched
  • Used

What is the difference between used and refurbished?

These words are almost synonyms to each other, and they are used as substitutes for one another. Though one name may be used in place of other, they are different in their meaning and hence, make sure to do your part of homework while finding either a refurbished or an already used c-arm.

Difference in Warranty Factor and the Condition the Technology has

Almost every reassembled c-arm is provided with warranty duration of one year to 3 to 4 years. There are many used c-arms that do come along with the warranty, but not all.

When you look for an already used c-arm model, you will notice that the product will be delivered to you, without making any repairs or modifications. But, an altered or a refurbished model might have some modifications made in them. Modifications mean that the following parts will be changed:-

  • Chasis
  • Button or knobs

Maker and the Seller

It is very rare that the maker or the manufacturer will sell a c-arm, which is not new. In this context, the option that is used is the method of off-lease. By this, it is meant that the technology is given on lease to user, and the c-arm will be returned once the lease gets over. They may sell it to you again, before the c-arm reaches the office of the manufacturer.

If the c-arm has been over used, then the manufacturer will not bother to rent it again. They may look for other options that may help them liquidate the investment.

The look and the real age of the c-arm

If the c-arm, though is labeled new, doesn’t look like one, then try looking for refurbished versions. Moreover, if the technology is not available, then you will have no other option than buying a refurbished one, which comes with warranty.

Getting acquainted with the terms is good, but also do not fall prey to the tactics of the manufacturers too. Beware of what they say and how the product looks, as there might be chances of you getting cheated, so protect thyself. A proper scrutiny of the product and the services provided by the manufacturer may help you grab a good deal.