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Diabetes- types and causes

Pancreas is an organ, which is present in the back of the stomach. The work of this organ is to help the body store insulin and this organ also use the sugar and fat for the benefit of the body, which people get from the food they eat. In case the Pancreas stops creating insulin or it decrease the amount of the insulin, it produce, it means that the body is having medical issue, which is known as diabetes on a common language. There is no permanent cure of this disease. Once the person gets it, it can only be controlled with different medicines and with some precautions and change in daily routeing but it not be completely treated. It is important to control this disease otherwise; it can lead to an early death.

There are three different types of diabetes. There is type one, two and the third type of diabetes is gestational diabetes.

Type1 diabetes refers to the problem when the Pancreas stops producing the required insulin. This problem can occur any time and the causes of the problem are still unknown.

Type 2 diabetes refer to the problem when the body stops reacting to the insulin that is being produced by the Pancreas. If not treated and controlled this problem can lead to no diabetes type1 and in which the body stop producing insulin. The most common reason of this problem is obesity and no exercise.

Gestational diabetes is just like type2 diabetes. It is very rare type of diabetes and happen during pregnancy. This type of diabetes can be cured and treated but it is very important to keep a close eye on the diet and treatment of the patient.

Diabetes itself is a very dangerous and life threatening problem but with time and if the patient is not being careful, it can lead to many serious problems such as heart diseases, and high blood pressure. Diabetes in men can be very dangerous and cause problems like ED. Erectile Dysfunction is a problem in which the men start having difficulties during sexual act. There are many other things which can cause this problem in men and diabetes in one of them. There are many different medicines available in the market to treat ED like fildena and people can buy fildena 25mg and other medicines online which treat ED but if the cause of this problem is diabetes than it is important to consult to a doctor before taking any drug.

In the initial stage of diabetes, most people use medicines, which produce insulin in their bodies but if the problem get worse than the only option remains, is having insulin injections. As mentioned above, diabetes is not a disease, which has any permanent treatment so people need to have a good and healthy diet. Exercising is also important to control this problem. This problem is becoming a global issue with time and the worst thing is that even kids are being affected by it. Therefore, people need to be very careful with what they eat and drink.