Fracture is the medical term for a broken bone. It is estimated that a person usually has to deal on an average with two fractures during his lifetime. Fractures are usually classified as open or closed. In an open or compound fracture, the bone is visible through the skin due to a wound. In a closed or simple fracture, the bone is broken but the skin remains intact.Fractures are also sometimes classified as green stick,transverse, oblique, compression, segmental or comminuted. Fractures require medical attention.

Causes of fracture

Bones are rigid, but when an external force such as a blow or fall is exerted upon bone, there is a possibility that the bone may not withstand the force and break. Bones tend to be the weakest when they are twisted. Fractures can result from trauma, fall, blow, kick or sudden force applied on the body. Fractures can also occur due to osteoporosis and overuse or stress.

Symptoms of fracture

Fracture symptoms can vary person to person. But usual symptoms are pain in the injured area, deformity in the injured area, redness or bruising in the injured area, swelling in the injured area and difficulty to move the injured area.

How to diagnose fracture

Beyond physical examination and medical history, orthopaedic doctors use several other procedures for diagnosing fractures. The most common one is the X-ray. Using X-rays, doctors can see the internal tissues and bones on a film. If they want more detailed information, they might use MRI scan or CT scan. Diagnostic techniques can vary case to case and based on the complexity of the fracture.

How to treat fracture

Orthopaedic doctors will do careful examination to assess the intensity of fractures.Treatments can vary depending on the type of fracture, the location, your age, health and extent of the fracture. Open fractures are usually emergency situations. In such cases the orthopaedic surgeon would first medicate you to ease the pain and then resort to other techniques such as splint or cast to immobilise the area, traction to apply force in order to move your bone in a certain direction and surgery for internal or external fixation of bones.

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