There are certain chronic medical conditions which are not exactly curable and they can make life extremely difficult. Migraine is one such problem. Conditions like migraine or even asthma are not typically fatal or a threat to life but they can be so severe that living a normal life can be almost impossible. The trouble with these conditions is that there is no time or place where you would experience the symptoms. You can have them anytime and anywhere.

Whether you have a desk job or you are on the road delivering the consignments when people send a parcel to Portugal, you can have a migraine attack while working and you need to cope with it and overcome it.

  • Always react to a migraine attack during its nascent stage. If you don’t react right at the onset, then you will be facilitating the strike. The quicker you take action or resort to remedies, the lesser impact the migraine attack would have. You should take a short walk or just rest your head for a while. Companies like Courierpoint have instilled policies that require their drivers to get off the road when they feel uneasy at the onset of a migraine attack. They are then recommended to take some rest and resume only when they are fine and feel comfortable.
  • Migraine attacks can be coped with if you are aware of how to adapt. You need a calmer setting, the bright lights have to be done away with, you must not stare at the desktop or on the road ahead while driving and one has to get rid of sources of sound and light. Even returning calls or the ringing of a mobile phone can make the attack worse.
  • Migraine attacks can be temporary or they can have a lingering effect all day. You must prioritize your work and delegate if possible so you can manage your condition. Your productivity will dip and you will struggle to be at your best. It is necessary that you don’t stretch your limits or exhaust yourself while you are having a migraine strike.
  • Gulp down a bottle of water when you have a migraine attack. While water will not prevent migraines or completely do away with the pain but it can help you to stay hydrated. Dehydration is one of the many facilitators of a migraine attack.
  • You should not skip meals. If you haven’t eaten for a while, grab something. You may not feel the urge to eat when you have migraine but you have to eat to remain energetic and more importantly to avert nausea.