Part of organising any large outdoor event is ensuring that those attending the event are safe and comfortable. That will involve everything from making sure that the venue is large enough to hold the expected number of guests to ensuring there is adequate staff available to handle emergencies. Whether your event is a charity sporting event or an outdoor concert, here are suggestions for making sure the event is run well.

Choose the Venue Carefully

When organising your event, work with local authorities to find the best outdoor venue for your needs. You will want a projection of how many people will attend the event so you can find a space that will hold that number of people comfortably. You will also want to make sure the venue has the amenities you need, such as parking spaces for those driving to the event, access to drinking water, and close proximity to public transportation to reduce traffic issues.

Provide Emergency Shelter

If your event is being held in the daytime, you will want to provide some type of shelter to allow people to get out of the sun, or the rain, if necessary. If your outdoor event is held in the summertime, high temperatures with the sun beating down on the crowd can cause heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and sunburns. To help people get over any problems caused by the weather, set up tents where they can go cool down in the shade.

Provide Drinking Water

Although you may have vendors selling food and water at the event, you should still provide drinking water to make sure those attending stay hydrated, especially on a hot day. Paying the water bill is a small price to pay to ensure attendees at the event do not collapse due to dehydration issues. If your event is a sporting event, such as a charity run, then it is even more important to make sure the participants have the water they need to avoid muscle cramps and other medical issues.

Hire Security

It is important to have volunteers and professional security staff available to ensure the safety of everyone at the event. Security can help make sure no contraband is brought into the venue, any problems are quickly resolved, and that volunteers can help lost children be reunited with their parents. They can also be used to direct traffic in parking lots and help guide people to where they need to go if there are assigned seating areas.

Hire Medical Personnel

No matter the weather, there will be cause to have medical personnel on standby at your outdoor event. It may be to treat participants in your charity sporting event or to help people who have medical emergencies. Hiring UK medical cover for outdoor events is vital for ensuring that people who need it receive prompt medical attention.

These suggestions can help ensure that your outdoor event goes smoothly and that everyone who is in attendance stays safe and has a good time.