Also known as rhinoplasty, nose implant is commonly sought in the recent times in Singapore. Many people want to fix the shape and size of their noses, which makes them go through the cosmetic surgery. However, a lot of them have misconceptions about the nose job. To help you understand it more, here are the common misconceptions of nose implants.

  • Nose implants are covered by the medical insurance

Since rhinoplasty is mostly for cosmetic purposes, it will not be covered by your regular medical insurance. Nonetheless, the only time your nose job will be covered by the insurance is when there is a problem caused by the surgery, like breathing difficulty, or any other damage caused in the nose.

  • The entire process is simple

Nose implant surgery is among the most sophisticated surgeries available. The surgery entails complicated aspects. For instance, the nose must be proportional to the face, and every section of the entire nose must be in harmony. The surgeon can try to eliminate the bump on the nose bridge without tampering with the tip of the nose. This is one thing that causes more complication to the nose. Also, it will take some time to alter the tip of the nose, without affecting the bridge.

  • The procedure is

Many people are afraid of going through the nose job surgery because they are afraid of enduring the pain. Conversely, the entire process is painless, even if they will be operating on the nose with surgical tools. What makes it painless is the fact that you will be placed under anesthesia, which will make you asleep. Throughout the procedure, you will not endure any pain. Also, you will be given some effective pain killers after the procedure to ensure that you are comfortable all along.

  • The results are instant

Unlike other cosmetic procedures like laser teeth whitening, the nose implant surgery is not instant. To get the final and true result, you will have to be patient enough. It can take about four months, or even more. The swelling along the nose bridge and the nostrils will subside gradually before you get the final result.

  • The nose implants will enhance comfort

Many people do not know that the entire rhinoplasty surgery can affect your nose system permanently. After the surgeon takes care of the nose bridge, you will experience some numbness in your nose. Also, you will fill stiffness in your nose, which can be a permanent effect after the surgery. It can also affect your normal breathing, which can be uncomfortable as well.

  • I can get the nose implant from any surgeon

This is one common mistake that many people make. They believe that any plastic surgeon can handle the nose job. Nonetheless, there are specific rhinoplasty surgeons that are designated to offer the nose job surgery. Before you hire any plastic surgeon, ensure that they are experienced in the rhinoplasty area to deliver the right services.

  • Nose implants are for women only

This is one of the top misconceptions of many people. No, nose jobs are not a woman thing alone. Rather, even men can get the nose implants. The surgery is meant for anyone that needs to correct the nose bridge, nostrils or nose tip. There is no restriction in getting the nose implants though a patient must be of legal age to undergo the surgery.

  • It is only for the celebrities and rich people

Even though the nose job procedure can be costly, there are surgeons that offer flexible packages for any potential patient. This way, you can get the rhinoplasty without breaking the bank. Ideally, choose a surgeon that has affordable rates for their services.

  • Nose implants will make your nose look perfect

In rhinoplasty, there is no such thing as a perfect job. Even with the most qualified surgeon, you will still have some flaws on your nose. There could be a slight bump along the nose bridge, or the nose tip might turn out too pointed. The nostrils might also be uneven. For that, be ready to face the minor flaws after the nose implant surgery. The amount and level of the flaws will range depending on your nose and the surgeon.

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