All the parents around the world are advised to switch to cow’s milk after their kid has turned at least one. This advice is always followed by most of the parents as we all know that cow milk is a good source of calcium and Vitamin D. well it is no the actual case the level of nutrition in the cow milk largely depend on the way how the cow is raised and also how the milk has been treated and processed before bottling. There are many cases where the infants have shown bad symptoms when they are switched to cow’s milk. There are several misconceptions and misbelief revolving around the consumption of cow milk. Research and studies have already proven that certain kind of milk is better than others and the conventional bottled cow milk available in stores are generally not the best for humans specially infants. Hero baby product is one such brand upon which one can trust as the whole milk production is done is a very hygienic and traditional way such that the essential nutrients do not wear away from it.

Here in this article we must clearly distinguish the milk which God gave us the acquiescence to drink and the milk which we generally avail from the grocery store. The atmosphere or the aura in which the domestic animals were raised is totally different from those which are used nowadays for extensive dairy manufacturing. The way cows are raised for commercial dairy businesses are pathetic and tragic too. They are hardly given any spaces with no real grass. They are injected with growth hormones and genetically modified grains which does havoc on the ultimate milk which the cows in a milk manufacturing farm produces.

Just after the industrial revolution when farming land becomes scarcer the need of pasteurization becomes very necessary and this method of treating milk has degenerated the nutritious values to a great extent. We must think that all the other scientific protocols suggests that pasteurized milk is the best for human consumption but I am afraid to say that it is not so. If the cows are raised in a proper manner with ample farming land and green grass with lots of sunlight then the milk which the cow gives are loaded with essential nutrients which can be easily absorbed by humans especially the young ones. Before pasteurization people used to drink raw cow milk from their farm and had enough of health in their family or tribe. It is not the milk which is the problem it is the man. If the farmer from whom you purchase your milk is raising the cow in a healthy and traditional way then the milk is absolutely good for you and your child to consume. So search for an honest farmer and purchase raw milk from him to sustain life in a healthier way. Although modern science does not sides the fact that raw cow milk is good and nutritious but you can still really on the practises our ancestors used to practise and maintain extremely good health.