The word ‘Dermatology’ is derived from two Greek words, ‘dermatos’ meaning skin and ‘logos’ meaning study. So then Dermatology is the study of skin and also the various treatments that can be performed on it.

This branch of science has three main shoots – the surgical, the medical and the cosmetic dermatology. The names of the various types are enough for one to decipher what each is related to. The surgical involves surgery while the medical refers to the diseases of the skin like lupus or cancer. The cosmetic dermatology is the most popular of the types considering it is one of the primary tools required for the maintenance of good looks and appearance.

The blemishes or sun burns or even the aging signs of an individual are easily sorted out by this sort of dermatology. The growing consciousness among people about the way they look has made this sort of dermatology very popular and sought after. Which is why renowned dermatology clinics like DermASAP founded by very well known Dr. Kenneth Reed offer state of the art treatments of cosmetic dermatology at their clinic.

This clinic serves people in and around South shore, Cape Cod and the Boston communities. The high quality injectables and laser devices used here under the expertise of the dermatologists gives a wholesome experience of complete care and wellness of your skin. Chemical peels, body sculpting and removal of unwanted hair permanently are among the most availed treatments here.

Cosmetic dermatology deals with the aesthetic part of the skin that concerns with the attainment of flawless and spectacular looks. The enhancement of youthfulness by tending to the condition of your hair, skin and nails is taken care of under this type of dermatology. This type does overlap in its treatment procedures with the medical type but in no way provides solutions for the medical troubles of the skin.

The most commonly practiced treatment under this is the anti-aging techniques. Most people these days want to look much younger than they actually are, and so they resort to cosmetic changes to get back the rejuvenated look. The wrinkles and creases of the skin are easily treated within this genre with the use of latest technology and minimum pain at the DermASAP. Patients of all ages come here to rectify their skin status and regain a better appearance. The face lift is among the most common type of techniques used here.

The other treatments that a cosmetic dermatologist looks to are the removal of wounds and scars from the skin to achieve a fresh look. The confidence of a person is often seen to have been affected by the scars that have been formed due to acne or some other reason. This is very effectively treated with dermatology of the cosmetic type.

The removal of tattoos and fat are also among the generally opted treatments availed at the dermatology clinics. These require utmost care and expertise in its handling as its involves the handling of laser in its treatment.

Whatever your requirement, always remember to sought the suggestion of properly educated and experienced dermatologists in this case.