There are more stray cats roaming around the city than adopted ones. Stray cats often carry life threatening diseases, which could spread to other animals too. If you have a pet cat, the most you could do to save your furry pet from diseases is to keep it inside the house. Staying inside the house reduces the risk of your cat coming in contact with other stray cats and getting infected. You will also have to protect your cat against infection spreading parasites, which includes fleas and ticks.

Every pet owner is very careful about diseases and problems that are harmful for their pet’s health. In this article, we will discuss some of the most dangerous cat diseases and some of the symptoms to look out for. They are:-

  • Feline leukaemia –

It is an animal disease which spreads due to urine, saliva and nose discharge. Cats can catch this disease by simply living together, by bites and by sharing water and food bowls. Mother cats can pass this disease to the kittens. Small kittens are more prone to this disease than adult cats.

Symptoms –

Some cats become ill as soon as they catch the disease, whereas some cats do not show any signs for several weeks. Feline leukaemia has many symptoms like eye disease, skin infections, diarrhoea, respiratory tract infections infertility, cancer and anaemia.

  • Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) –

Unlike the human HIV virus the feline immunodeficiency virus does not only spread through sexual contact but this virus is mainly spread through bite wounds. Outdoor carts are most suspected for this infectious virus. This disease is not usually spread by sharing food and water bowl but in rare cases a mother cat can pass on the disease to the kittens.

Symptoms –

The FIV is terminal, it directly affects the immune system of the cat. Some of the possible symptoms for this disease are inflamed gums, progressive weight gain and loss, anaemia, cancer, skin disease, eye disease, ulcers in the tongue, poor coat and diarrhoea.

This list of diseases and symptoms are mentioned by the Harmony Animal Hospital. You can contact them for more information. All these disease are not completely curable, but it is 100% preventable. You can start by keeping your cat inside the house and let it stay in a clean and healthy environment. Keep your cat healthy and maintain regular veterinarian visits to keep a check on your pet’s health.