Deciding to buy a C-Arm is a simple decision, but to decide the right type is a tough decision. The need of a C-Arm machine can be decided based on its usage by the owner. Every hospital or other medical facility requires a C-Arm machine for providing better service to the patients.

If you have decided to buy a C-Arm machine for your clinic or hospital, then it is the right time to choose the ideal type for your use. Here are some of the factors that you must consider to select the type of C-Arm machine you require. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-

  • Size –

C-Arm machines are available in different sizes. Choosing the size of the machine will make a huge difference. The first thing you should consider is the power used by the machine. A large size C-Arm machine will generate more power and hence, are the first preference from almost all physicians.

Even though it is a great idea to have a large sized C-Arm machine, it can be a hurdle sometimes. Hence, surgeons and researchers usually prefer the units that are designed with medium sized dimension, since they are easy to handle and also to move around.

  • Image quality –

The preference of image quality depends upon the type of procedure that C-Arm is used for. Image quality of every C-Arm machine differs. The more lines per inch will give you better image quality. However, not all procedures require high quality imaging.

It is recommended to try out the machine first to evaluate whether the clarity is sufficient for the procedure, you are going to use it for. Taking only great and clear pictures are not sufficient, since it is also very important to have good storage capacity, for the images that are captured. You can choose a printer, dicom or medicapture for PACS system.

  • Warranty –

When you buy any equipment, the most important thing to look for is the warranty plan offered with it. Make sure that your C-Arm machine is offered with warranty option that even covers labor, parts, bumps, etc, till it is delivered to your place.

It is possible that some of the expensive parts of the equipment will not be in the warranty offer. To keep your equipment in good shape, it is important that you maintain the machine by scheduling regular service. Make sure that you hire reliable engineers to do the servicing of your C-Arm machine. It is important that your equipment is handled with care by professionals to avoid any damage.

  • Site planning –

Even if you have enough budgets to buy the best and big C-Arm machine, designed with excellent image quality, it is important that you decide the right place for its installation. The C-Arm machine should have ample space, so that you can easily move it around to get better and clear images. The room should have correct walls and ceiling clearance so that the machine can work efficiently.

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