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Different Butt Shapes – Which One Are You Related To?

Buttocks looks nice, but not all of them are created equal. Butt comes in a variety of shape and size. You should know what type of butt shape you have because this could help you to tone your butt in the shape you want. The shape of your butt is based on your body type. It depends on where your pelvis is positioned, how your fat is distributed, how the muscles are attached to the thigh bone and the size of your gluteal muscles.

There is a specific type of underwear available that makes each butt look perfect. Butt enhancement pills along with the right exercise will help you to get rounder and bigger butt.

Different Types of Butt Shapes for Women

There are four main butt shapes:

  • V-shaped butt
  • Square shaped butt
  • Heart shaped butt
  • Round butt

Which One is yours?

  1. V-Shape Butt

The V- shape butt is commonly seen in older women because the estrogen level lowers down, shifting the fat storage from butt to the mid area. The inverted V-shaped butt will lack volume in the outside part of the lower butt. The waist remains smaller than hips. The shape toward bottom remains narrow in size creating a V like appearance.

  1. Square Shaped Butt

Square butts remain equal in size from waist to hips. The H shape is due to the bone structure of pelvis and femur. There would be a little bit fat distribution in love handle area. Square shape butts are often called masculine looking. It creates a flat appearance. The body will have a low amount of fat at the waist. Reshaping them is difficult.

Due to the wider pelvis, butts are likened to have a square shape. Butt enhancement cream can be used to enhance the look of square-shaped butts.

  1. Heart Shaped Butt

Heart shaped butt is also known as A shaped and oval booty. It is considered to be most feminine of butt shape. The fat gets distributed around a lower portion of the butt and thighs. It offers a tapered look from the waist to the bottom. Estrogen level can decrease as we age which can lead to the fat being stored around the abdomen.

The heart shaped butts will have curves. Expansion of such type of butt can be difficult, and if excess fat is available, they can be made prominent.

  1. Round Butt

Round shaped butts are also known as bubble butts due to their round appearance. The shape appears to be wide from all the direction. The waist to hip ratio remains equal and will have a full appearance. Round butts are easier to shape than another shape, and it will make your back look heavy.

Now, after reading the information above, I am sure that you are in a better position to know your butt shape. You can create changes to your butt if you want. You must perform the best butt exercise to create more rounded and visually pleasing shape.