Steroids have been a very popular thing for people to use in past years. That was until science started finding out that steroid use is very dangerous and shouldn’t be done. Now, it’s illegal, and while people do still use them to get that Arnold Schwarzenegger body, it’s actually not the only way to bulk up. It’s the easy way, but the easy way is not always the best way, as many other circumstances in life will prove.

If you’re looking for ways to bulk up but you’re not down for engaging in illegal activities to achieve that dream, here are 3 ways you can bulk up:

Eat Enough

The first rule of putting on muscle, which you probably already know is that you have to eat enough calories. What you’re eating is important, but first things first, if you don’t have enough calories in your diet, all the weight lifting in the world is going to do nothing for you.

Focus on foods that are high protein, but also pay attention that the food you’re eating contains the appropriate amount of macros. You still need fat in your diet and you still need carbs. Getting the right amount of each together is crucial in seeing the numbers on the scale go up and the proportion of fat on your body go down.

Don’t Skip Out on Leg Day

Leg day is the ongoing joke at the gym. There is nothing worse than seeing a man strutting his huge chest and arms at the gym and following the sight line down only to see that his legs are as small and lanky as a chickens. You might hate working your legs, but it’s a necessary evil. The stronger you get, the less you might hate it in the end.

In any case, if you want to bulk up, you must pay attention to all areas of your body. Your body is a symbiotic miracle. All muscles work together to make up the physique and function of your body. If you neglect one area, you’ll pay for it later, so eat right, and so the necessary sets of muscles you might not like working to see yourself go from skinny to strong.


The best workout in the world will do you no good if your body is unable to recover afterwards. When you work yourself to the brink of falling down at the gym, your body needs fuel to replenish it otherwise it’s going to dig into muscle instead of fat for that energy. That’s opposite of what you want. Put the right things into your body before and after a workout to see transformation. There’s simply no other way to get results.