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Breast feeding- Strengthens your immune system and all functions

Breast milk is vital for infants and it is a biggest gift from mother. Actually the breast feeding improves the immune system to a baby and it is the first food for baby to eat in earlier stage. Some of the women are not giving breast feeding for their beauty but it is utterly a wrong thinking. It is having more amounts of antibodies and also it will protect the health of a baby from all germs and diseases. Especially it is good for digestive system and it never makes your baby’s stomach upset. Taking care of our infant is the very important thing and we have to give all nutrients in little stage. Your baby can get the lot of fight supporting nutrients as long as you are feeding your baby.

Many of the mothers are having lot of doubts about breast feeding when they are in starting stage. Sometimes blood will come in breast milk and it makes us tensed. If they are having some knowledge already about this part they can solve it easily. But the people who are not having the clear information will scare when they saw some blood in breast milk. In this article I will give you clear information about it and I hope it will be very useful or you.

Nothing to worry about blood in breast milk:

Most of the mother will have experience the blood in breast milk but there is nothing to scare about it. When you are pushing it there is lot of chances to come. But if it comes more than a week it is crucial to consult the doctor. If there is any infection occurs in breast you should not feed then it will affect the baby. If more blood is coming with milk the baby will not drink properly and baby will start vomiting. At those situations we have to stop feeding and sue some other way to give milk for a baby. We have to check properly while feeding the baby because if there is slight blood comes in the baby will drink normally without any issues.

Sometimes it may come in pink color but there is nothing to worry about it. It will come usually to many people after the birth. If the nipples get cracked, then the pink blood will come while feeding baby. Also the pink color blood is the way of changing blood in to milk so you no need to call a doctor at any instance. Another reason for the blood breast milk is that when the baby is giving more pressure or a belligerent eater then it will damage the breast. At those situations don’t give milk in same breast shift it to another one for your comfort. Sometimes it may crack nipples or gives you irritation feel so you should stop. Really it is difficult to bear much pain so take the proper remedial measures for it. give more strength for your baby life for long time.