Dental Care

Six Benefits to Seeing a Private Dentist

Good dental hygiene practices are important for your overall health. Having bad teeth can affect the way people speak and how well they can eat. Infections can get into the bloodstream and affect organs. While the NHS offers dental care throughout the UK, hiring a private dentist offers these benefits.

No Funding Restrictions

The NHS has guidelines on how much dental treatments should cost so the quality of the treatments patients receive can be affected. Private dental practices are not restricted by funding so they can offer a better quality of treatment and use the best materials available for their patients. They can also offer treatments not available through the NHS.

Schedule Appointments as Needed

When you go to a private dental clinic, you can schedule an appointment whenever they are open. Since some clinics offer after-hours or weekend appointments, you can schedule a time that fits your schedule instead of needing to work around the clinic’s schedule. In addition, the appointments won’t be cut short because there are too many people waiting to see the dentist so you can take as long as necessary.

Cosmetic Treatments Available

NHS dental services do not cover cosmetic treatments so you wouldn’t be able to get your teeth whitened or have improvements made to their appearance. Fortunately, , you can choose cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth. You could get veneers to make small teeth appear larger, you could have your teeth straightened by choosing plastic aligners, or you could have dingy teeth whitened.

Faster Emergency Treatment

If you have a dental emergency such as a broken or chipped tooth, you may not be able to get into a NHS dentist as they usually have waiting lists for emergency treatments. However, if you have a private dentist, you should be able to call and get an appointment right away. With some emergencies, having a tooth repaired immediately is important because you could lose the tooth if it takes too long to be seen by a dentist.

No Hidden Costs

Even though private dental service will cost more than NHS services, there are no hidden fees. The NHS has a three-band price structure but there may be some hidden costs that are not always disclosed. The additional fees could make the service too costly for you. However, you won’t have the same worry with a private dentist’s office since they will disclose all their costs to you.

Specialist Referrals Available

If you need to see an endodontist for a root canal or an oral surgeon to have wisdom teeth removed, you can easily get referrals from a private dentist. These referrals are not always available from NHS or there is a long wait for them. Instead of putting your dental health at risk, you should consider using private dental services to keep your teeth healthy.

To help pay the costs of a private dentist, there are several dental insurance plans that you can choose for you and your family.