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Six Benefits that You Can Experience at a Luxury Rehab

Many people have heard about luxury rehab but they are wondering whether it is effective in treating drug addiction. Luxury rehab is not to be overlooked as a fake rehab that only put priority on comfort as it also provides real drug addiction recovery facilities, for example, in house detoxification center. The fact that the admission cost is expensive means that luxury rehab puts in a lot of investments to provide the best facilities to help patients reach sobriety. The following are the 6 benefits of a luxury rehab.

  1. Idyllic Location

The best rehab California is situated in an idyllic location that makes it suitable for carrying out a variety of recreational activities. Depending on the rehab, you will be able to perform recreational activities such as fishing, surfing, horse riding, slack lining, and rock climbing. It has 5 star amenities such as private gym, swimming pool, spas and massage center. The high class resort like rehab is suitable for addicts who have developed fear of hospitalization.

  1. Clients Won’t Leave the Luxury Rehab Early

Clients are less likely to leave a luxury rehab early because they enjoy the accommodation. Staying in a sober environment is crucial to attain freedom from the drug addiction. The longer you stay, the more knowledge and self-control skills you will learn to curb your addiction. It takes time to clear away the substance residues from the body and heal the addict’s mind from addiction. To see the best result, it is recommended that the addict stay at least 90 days or more.

  1. Safely Undergo the Detox Process

Patients can undergo the detox process safely because of the availability of around the clock monitoring by professional doctors, and nurses. Certain types of drug addictions have life threatening withdrawal symptoms. The 24/7 monitoring ensures that the patients remain stable emotionally throughout the detox process. FDA approved drugs may be prescribed to control patients demonstrating withdrawal symptoms

  1. One-on-One Private Counseling Session

If you don’t benefit from group therapy, you can attend the private counseling session at the luxury rehab. Many people get trapped in substance abuse due to a frustration that they can’t overcome. This is why it is important for the counselor to find out the root cause of the addiction. The certified private counselor can perform motivational interviewing to help patients discover the behaviors that lead them into drug abuse. The counselor can then offer advice on what kinds of changes they need to make to change their lifestyles.

Counselor can help patients to make the best treatment decision according to their best interests. Private counselor will guide the addict step by step into recovery and follow up on the patient to ensure he/she is making progress. Private counselor will teach the addict life skills that allow them to live without dependence on drugs. The counselor working at the luxury rehab are well trained and possess qualities that make them fit to work with drug addict patients such as compassionate and understanding.

  1. Large Variety of Therapies

Luxury rehab offers a large variety of therapies for customizing the treatment plans. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients to recognize tempting situations, negative thoughts and emotions that can trigger drug addiction. Patients usually find it easier to remember the skills they learn via the cognitive behavior therapy session. Family therapy involves family members to participate the treatment process. NSDUH survey report shows the importance of family therapy for teenagers involved in substance abuse. Youth that started drug abuse prior to the age of 14 will benefit from family therapy as most of them have adult dependency issues.

  1. Business Friendly Facilities

Luxury rehab is business friendly and they provide clients access to cell phone and laptop use. Many clients of luxury rehab are business executives that cannot simply leave their business obligations while attending treatment.


In conclusion, the aforementioned benefits explain why luxury rehab is advantageous for substance abuse patients. You should not hesitate in joining one if your goal is to make a quick recovery from your addiction.