Although popular in western countries for some time now, Online Doctor is quite a new concept in India. With the advent of technology and extensive reach of the internet, Online Doctor is the perfect solution for many healthcare needs today. Convenient and accessible, this is a service that is proving to be highly beneficial, especially in India.

Are you familiar with the concept of Online Doctor? It is simply an online platform where you can obtain medical consultation mostly via live chat with a doctor. These platforms generally bring together leading physicians and specialists of the country and thus are extremely beneficial in making quality medical facilities available to anyone and everyone.

So, here are the benefits of consulting an online doctor:

  • Convenient: Any service offered online has this brownie point. Through these platforms, patients can obtain the consultation from doctors online from their convenient location and at their convenient time. You do not need to take a leave from your work to see the doctor anymore. You can simply avail a consultation from your office or home itself.
  • Affordable: Many online doctor platforms offer free chat option with a doctor. This way one can chat with a doctor online for free and discuss his/her problems or symptoms. Many a times simple symptoms worry you a lot, disturbing your peace of mind. Now, you can simply log into an online doctor website and through live chat discuss your symptoms. If required you can go for a specialist consultation or can take the medications and precautions necessary. Specialist medical care is generally costly and this way you can be sure first and then go for it.
  • Accessible: Online doctor facility is accessible from anywhere and everywhere with good internet connectivity. This means even if you live in the remotest part of the country where medical facility may be non-existent, you can avail a live chat with a doctor to discuss your problems. This is an incredible benefit that has the potential to change the medical scene in India forever. The wide accessibility is a great advantage in bridging the gap between the metro cities and the remote villages of the country.
  • Consultation on the go: Today travelling the world for work or pleasure is not at all uncommon. In case of a medical emergency in an unknown place, most of the time the only resource to rely on is the over-the-counter drugs packed in the medicine kit. But, with the advent of online doctors, you can now travel tension-free. You can avail a consultation with your doctor from any part of the world now.
  • Availability of specialist doctors Over the Internet: In many parts of the country specialist doctors are still not available. Critical patients in these areas have to rely on the general physicians for their well being. But with the advent of this platform, anyone and everyone now can have access to a specialist doctor who can guide one properly in case of critical cases. This is surely a benefit that’ll change the medical scene for good.

India is a country where huge gaps exist in the medical field. Where on one hand, the nation is emerging as a leading health tourism destination, on the other hand, remote parts of the country are still lacking in medical facilities. With the advent of the online doctors and with the bunch of benefits and advantages discussed above, this gap is now on its way to be mended.